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Guyana Commissioner of Police Henry Greene forced out after rape allegations

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Henry Greene forced out after rape allegations

April 5, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News

Embattled Commissioner of Police Henry Greene’s resignation has been finalized;

Henry Greene

ending months of speculation over his continued tenure as the country’s Top Cop in the face of rape allegations made by a 34-year-old mother of two.
While senior government officials have declined to confirm Greene’s departure, Greene was offering ‘no comment’ to queries from various sections of the media.
The latest call for his ouster came from former Minister of Human Services and Social Security Priya Manickchand, who was responsible for piloting the new Sexual Offences Act of 2010.
Manickchand, who is now Minister of Education, is the highest ranking government official so far to call for Greene to step down.
Yesterday, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee refused to confirm reports of Greene’s resignation, advising that the administration was likely to issue an official statement on the matter.
He also advised this newspaper to contact Greene himself.
Two days ago Rohee said that the jury was still out on Greene’s return to the top police post.
Acting Commissioner Leroy Brumell also declined to comment when approached by this newspaper.
Greene, who is over the age of retirement, had been on administrative leave since December 17, last year, to facilitate the investigation into the allegation made against him.
In what eventually turned out to be the scandal of the year, the 34-year-old woman alleged that she was raped by the Commissioner of Police at a city hotel.
The woman alleged that she was forced to have sex with Greene after she was induced with cash and a promise to assist her in a matter that is presently engaging the attention of the police.
Greene had dismissed the woman’s claims as mere allegations and had declared that god will be his judge, although he later admitted to having consensual sex with her.
Following weeks of investigations by a team of detectives from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, under the supervision of Crime Chief Seelall Persaud, the Director of Public Prosecution advised that Greene be charged with rape.
However, Greene successfully got the High Court to overturn the DPP’s advice with Chief Justice Ian Chang ruling that the decision to charge Greene was irrational.
Greene’s admission to having consensual sex with the woman was another major bone of contention, since it is being argued that he used his office in an improper manner.
The first to call for his resignation was his predecessor Winston Felix, who had told the media that it would have been the most honourable thing to do.
Felix’s call was followed by others from the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers and other women’s groups, and the main opposition political parties, the Alliance For Change and A Partnership for National Unity.
In December last year, AFC leaders Raphael Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan called for Greene’s immediate removal from office.
“As a matter of fact, based on what we have heard, we feel that he ought to tender his resignation or the President ought to dismiss him….but at the very least at this stage… an interdiction,” Ramjattan had stated.
Trotman, commenting on the issue had declared that the matter was the first real test for newly elected Head of State Donald Ramotar.
The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) had also condemned Greene’s actions and had called on the administration to remove him as the Commissioner of Police.
“It is reasonable to conclude that Mr. Greene has in fact lost the moral authority to lead the Guyana Police Force and should therefore no longer be required to so do,” the GAWL said.
APNU had this to say: “In renewing our call we wish to remind the Guyanese public that having passed the age of retirement Mr. Greene is no longer the constitutional holder of the office of Commissioner of Police rather he is an employee/servant of the Government and as such he can be removed forthwith.”
This is not the first time that Greene’s name has been embroiled in a controversial issue which has threatened his tenure as the country’s chief lawman
In fact, his first day on the job, six years ago, was greeted with the announcement that the United States of America had revoked his visa to that country.
The Bharrat Jagdeo Government did not budge and retained him even in the face of severe criticism from several sections of the society.
They later argued that the decision to appoint Greene as Commissioner of Police was justified when, at the helm of the force, he presided over the demise of the infamous Rondell ‘Fine Man’ Rawlins and his criminal gang.
Greene’s tenure as the Commissioner of Police was extended after he had reached the age of retirement three years ago.



Aunt facilitated a 12 yr old girl to be raped by 17 yr old cousin

January 8, 2012 3 comments

12-yr-old rape victim was drugged, woman arrested


While the 12-year-old who was raped by her 17-year-old cousin, is home gradually recovering from  her ordeal, reports are that the child’s aunt is now in police custody for reportedly placing drugs in the child’s drink  the night she was raped.
The woman was arrested by ranks on Thursday after further reports revealed that the child was drugged moments before she was raped.
On December 24 last, the child who was accompanied by a number of family members, left their Lima Sands residence for Anna Regina.
Reports indicate that the child had consumed alcohol in the presence of her 17-year-old cousin and other family members at a night spot in the said Anna Regina.
Moments later the teen was reportedly raped by her cousin, who has since been released on substantial station bail.
The child was subsequently hospitalised at the Suddie Public Hospital after it was reported that she had difficulties walking.
The child’s grandmother has since been admitted to the hospital, after she fell ill due to the rape story.
The woman has been advised to seek help at the welfare department at Anna Regina.

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Five-year-old rape victim in need of blood

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The five-year-old girl who was abducted from her Betsy Ground home last Friday and brutally raped, is presently receiving blood as she remains in a critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the New Amsterdam Hospital. The child had lost a lot of blood and requires about three pints.
Although she is conscious, she is not allowed visitors and only close relatives are allowed to see her. In the meantime, two persons including a prime suspect remain in custody as police continue their investigation.
The young victim who is the second of three children lives with her mother, next door to her grandmother, in proximity to the river dam.  She was left sleeping at home with her two year old brother while her mother had ventured next door to her mother-in-law’s premises in anticipation of a phone call from the child’s father.
The girl was abducted from her bed wrapped in a sheet and taken into the bushes on the bank of the Canje River and sexually assaulted. The incident occurred some time after 23:00 hrs Friday.  It is understood that while the mother was over at her mother-in-law, the perpetrator entered the house wrapped the sleeping girl in a blanket, taken from her sleeping brother, and carried her into the bushes on the River dam area, where he committed the dastardly act.
According to information, when the mother returned home around midnight, she noticed that her daughter was not in her bed and her son’s blanket was missing.  She frantically started to search and call out for her daughter. The search led the woman and several neighbours into darkness in a bushy area on the dam.  The bloodied child was eventually found in thick bushes crying. There were also signs that the perpetrator had just escaped.  The child collapsed when she was found. The police were subsequently informed and escorted her along with relatives to the New Amsterdam hospital where she was admitted and remains in the ICU.
The child when questioned had said that ‘Jumbie’ took her into the bush, indicating that the culprit was wearing mask. She had however described the clothing the perpetrator was wearing.
Police had arrested nine persons from the immediate area.

Guyana Commisioner of Police Henry Greene should be interdicted at least – AFC

December 15, 2011 1 comment
Written by Kwesi Isles
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 15:18

The woman spoke to the media on Tuesday saying she feared for her life.

The Alliance For Change (AFC) has called for the dismissal or at least interdiction from duty of Commisioner of Police Henry Greene following Tuesday’s rape allegation against him and is viewing the matter as the first real test of the Donald Ramotar administration.

The 34-year-old mother of two spoke to reporters at her attorney Nigel Hughes’ office where she recounted that she had gone to Greene for assistance with a matter involving another police officer with the outcome being him raping her at a city hotel.

Commenting briefly on the allegations against him at the Annual Police Awards Ceremony on Wednesday Greene stated “Let God be the judge; suffice to say I’ve sought legal advice in that matter.”

At the AFC’s weekly news conference on Wednesday party Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan called for a “very intense investigation of the allegation and at least Greene’s interdication at this stage.

“Based on what we’ve heard we feel he ought to tender his resignation or the president ought to dismiss him, but at the very least at this stage an interdiction,” Ramjattan stated.

He noted that there has been no denial from Greene that he had sex with the woman and added that even if it was consensual it was an abuse of his office since the woman went to him for assistance.

“If it was any other person like yourself … having an allegation like that made by a woman you would have already been locked up long time and probably with no bail for several weeks,” Ramjattan added.

AFC Leader Raphael Trotman meanwhile stated that the interdication call was not unreasonable since Greene heads the agency which will in effect be investigating an allegation made against him.

“It is the man who is in charge of the investigating agency and one need not have to extrapolate and go into any details on how that investigation could be compromised. It’s not a citizen relating to the police it’s the police dealing with itself and its most senior officer and so common sense, best practices and the transparency of the investigation demand that he be interdicted immediately at least and like Khemraj I believe that he should be dismissed forthwith because I don’t see the man tendering any resignation.”

According to Trotman, the issue is the first real test for Ramotar.

“Is he president or is he a weakling, because if the most senior police officer in Guyana could break the rule of law or be accused of doing it and nothing happens it defines his presidency in my view from today going forward,” he stated.

Trotman said he is holding the president “personally responsible” on the matter and added that the nation and the world is looking on.

“I saw a senior diplomat today and it was the subject of discussion, how will this government handle such an accusation. He is entitled to due process, he’s entitled to the rule of law but as Khemraj rightly said if it was one of us we would have already been taken down, refused bail and charges would have been processed by tomorrow morning by the DPP; let’s see what happens.”

Wikileaks: Jagdeo knowingly appointed corrupt Henry Greene as Police Commissioner

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Greene was bad for drugs-fight; good for street-crimes- Wiki-leaked US cables

Written by Demerara Waves
Friday, 02 September 2011

Police Commissioner, Henry Greene

Police Commissioner, Henry Greene

Western Nations had threatened to withhold key security cooperation fromGuyana because they could not trust Henry Greene as Police Commissioner due to his alleged links with the drug underworld and inability to protect sensitive information.

“Greene’s new position will have consequences on foreign assistance involving the GPF,” Charge D’Affaires, Michael Thomas said in a July 24 cable that was Wiki-leaked late Thursday night.

The cable from the American embassy here questioned Greene’s confidentiality and labeled him as “crooked” and “grossly incompetent” when he was Crime Chief.

“He is unwilling or unable to protect sensitive information or to fulfill straightforward extradition requests. Greene as Commissioner would be bad for Guyana’s security and would compromise all international cooperation with the Guyana Police Force.

Greene, whose American diplomatic and tourist visas were revoked in days leading up to his July 24, 2006 appointment as acting commissioner has already publicly denied benefiting from the proceeds of drugs. None of the cables released so far has disclosed specific cases of Greene’s alleged criminal activities.

US laws bar the American government from releasing reasons for visa revocations or denials to third parties like the media. But one of the cables says Greene cried when he was told that his visa was being revoked on July 20, 2006 because of information gathered by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

“Greene broke into tears when informed of this, fearing the embarrassment the revocation will cause, and denied involvement with drug trafficking. He expressed surprise that the revocation was not due to his “troubling the girls”,” the cable states.

One of the cables noted that the DEA had given specific language to inform President Jagdeo that the Greene had benefited from drug funds. “U.S. law enforcement has reliable reports from multiple sources that Henry Greene has benefited from, and continues to benefit from, the proceeds of drug trafficking.”

The cables reveal a flurry of shuttle-diplomacy by the American, British, Canadian and European Union envoys here to Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon and President Bharrat Jagdeo to “head off Greene’s appointment before his swearing-in within the next few days.”

The cable titled “GOG picked crooked police chief despite revoked visa” states that due to Greene’s appointment the US is not pushing ahead with a plan to establish a DEA vetted anti-narcotics unit under Greene’s commissionership. Moves by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to install a gun-trace computer terminal to help the GPF track firearms had been also pulled back.

Similarly, British High Commissioner, Fraser Wheeler had told President Bharrat Jagdeo thrice between July 21 and 24 that the UKgovernment had “concerns about Greene’s elevation” and pre-2006 election training for the police force would have been quashed. The Canadian High Commissioner also told Charge that his government will cease all cooperation with the police if the Greene appointment goes through, states the cable.

But in another cable titled ‘Police Commissioner Greene: Give us Barabas’, then Ambassador David Robinson credited Greene with better dealing with street crimes and that the United States would eventually have to work with the police force under his stewardship.

“Henry Greene is corrupt but he is more effective than his predecessor in controlling the streets. The president is happy in the role of Pontius Pilate and is betting that the donors ultimately will work out some accommodation with the commissioner. He is probably right. We will not rehabilitate Greene, but we will have to cooperate with his police force if he becomes permanent,’ states Robinson in the cable.

The US, according to the cables, appeared upset that Jagdeo and Luncheon had lured the diplomatic community into believing that once Greene’s visa had been revoked his appointment would have been reconsidered.

“This contradicts what he told Charge — that revoking Greene’s visa would give the GoG cover to back down. Luncheon and Jagdeo have been disingenuous throughout this episode, especially in protesting they were unaware of our concerns about Greene,”

Jagdeo had told diplomats that he had been under intense political pressure to stick with Greene but, according to one of the cables “the source of this pressure is unclear.”

The cables released quote the Ambassador as alleging that Greene was linked criminal activities. “Greene’s name appears repeatedly in reporting by various USG agencies in connection with criminal activities,” he said.

The ambassador had told government officials that the US government could not have provided details but “it would be very embarrassing for the GoG if a sitting Police Commissioner were indicted in a foreign court.”

Then Home Affairs Minister, Gail Teixeira, described as the “voice of reason” in the Guyana government had described to diplomats “in some detail her struggles to get Jagdeo and Luncheon to come around to her point of view” concerning Greene.

Pedophilia and other sexual crimes of the PPP elites

May 10, 2011 1 comment

Sexual fascism in Guyana: Maniacs in the corridors of power

April 25, 2010 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

The irony pierces your psyche and lacerates your soul as you read more and more of the condemnations of some perverted politicians in the corridors of power of sexual abuse. Surely, if God exists, he would strike down these hypocrites.
Times like these I ask God where is he. He doesn’t speak to me so I retain my faith in the philosophy. Sexual horrors permeate the corridors of power. I say in evanescent language, most emphatically and unambiguously no PNC Government, under Burnham and Hoyte, and no Caribbean country since self government right up to the present time would tolerate the level of sexual vulgarity, libidinous bestiality and sexual degeneracy that have taken place among high political elites in the power establishment as what we have seen in Guyana since Cheddi Jagan died.
I have made my judgements against the leadership qualities of Cheddi Jagan but I doubt he would have allowed some of his underlings to retain high offices after he found out about their sexual rapacity. I cannot discuss the CN Sharma court case because it is sub judice but some political elites should be investigated too. Here are a few episodes of sexual animalism that ought to galvanize you saving Guyana’s future.
There is this well known figure in the Hindu religion who did crazy things to his innocent secretary. I will live with the regret that I didn’t save that girl’s life. I see her image in front of me now – petite, small visage, long, flowing, curly hair and the look of innocence.
I met her the week before she committed suicide. I went to the government office where she worked for this man that Jagan nurtured for so long in Jagan’s career. She was depressed. She spoke to me of her status as a sexual servant to this man, all in the promise that he would get a visa for her. But the revelation had dawned that he wasn’t going to get her one. She submitted to all kinds of sexual unorthodoxies just to get her visa. But she was caught in a no-win game. She kept serving him to get her visa but he wasn’t going to let her go because she was a source of endless sex.
She told me he refused to return her passport after a relative agreed to attempt to get her a visa. He abused her, threatened to expose her and tore up the passport in front of her in his office. She went home the same day and committed suicide. If ever this government changes hands, I will walk this entire country demanding the prosecution of this aging religious hypocrite. Why talk about Sharma when this guy deserves to be in jail.
What about the little fourteen-year-old girl from the West Coast whose last name is that of a prominent opposition figure? You want to see fear in the eyes of someone, then, talk to her mother about the rape of her daughter. She is so scared that one day they will come and kill her.
This 14-year-old was raped at a known East Bank business place by three wealthy men who give money to a powerful political party with all-powerful politicians. As they were driving her out, a hugely powerful politician was driving in. He stopped to speak to the people inside the car that was leaving. The rape victim saw him, he saw her. The same day, their operatives went to kill her and they threatened her mother. A good man got her to Canada where on investigation by the Refugee Board, she was granted asylum. The Board did send down an agent here to collect evidence. Canada cannot deny this Mr. Big a visa because refugee cases are confidential.
What about the other mother who was given a house lot and one million dollars after one of Janet Jagan’s favourite cadres who holds an important portfolio ravished her fourteen-year-old daughter (seems that they pick on fourteen-year-old girls). Instead of taking her to her home as requested by the mother, he took her to Ogle when he denuded and penetrated her. The mother said to me” “Freddie, I am not going to talk to you about it; you should know nothing will come of it, so why shouldn’t I take the money and the land.” Her last words to me as I left the Ministry where she works was, “Freddie, please don’t write about it; I’m begging you.”
One last example. This other Mr. Big who functions in the legal sector, beat up his lover in his office (he’s married with grown up kids), then literally kicked her down the steps. These people make CN Sharma look like an angel.

American pedophile accused of raping 12-year-old girl; proposes $250US to settle matter

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Man accused of raping 12-year-old girl; proposes $50,000 to settle matter

May 5, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under News

A 40-year old man called ‘Alim’, is being accused of raping his neighbour, a 12-year-old girl of Number 78 Village, Corriverton, in his bathroom.
According to the girl, who related the entire incident to Kaieteur News, the man, who is known to the family, observed that the girl’s parents had left the home after which he proceeded to get the girl and her sister to enter his house.
The girls, not suspecting anything, since the man and her parents knew each other a bit, went to his house. After they arrived over at the man’s house, he asked the victim to cook a meal for him.
Upon refusing his request, the man pulled her into the kitchen. Her sister then pleaded with the man to let go of her sister, which he did not. He asked her again in the kitchen to cook for him.
The alleged rapist then started to kiss the girl during which she struggled to push him away. “He pulled me to him. Then he start kissing up me, then I pushed him away. Then when I pushed he away, he pulled me into the bathroom, and there he take advantage of me,” the girl said.
After the act the traumatized girl returned home and uttered not one word to her parents or her sister.
The girl’s sister said that she was talking to another man who was with the alleged rapist at the home and she did not know that her sister was being raped during that time.
“The same day, every time I walk on the road now, he does watch me; everybody a watch me,” she said. “He said that if we ain’t settle the story, he gotta put we out. He asked mommy if money she want, and mommy said she don’t want money. Money don’t full me mother eye. She don’t want riches,” the girl said.
After several days in silence, the girl finally broke the news, not to her parents, but to her teacher who then related the incident to her parents. Her mother then reported the matter to the police and the Probation Officer, Mrs Singh, as well as the Student Welfare Officer in Corriverton, Mr Mohammed.
But by this time, ‘Alim’ had already left the country. He is a U.S. resident and according to the mother, the police stated that they cannot do anything more about the matter, since the man has left the jurisdiction. She also said that the police still have to send the file to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).
Meanwhile, the girl’s mother said that she was approached by one of the man’s friends, whose house she is renting, who related the alleged- rapist’s desire to settle the matter for $50,000.
“If that been happen to he daughter, what he would’ve done? That is something wrong I do, to go and represent me child?” the mother said.
She refused to settle the matter for money. “If he do that to me daughter and run, who more he gonna do that to?”
She said that the entire area was shocked to know that the man did what he did to her daughter.
She added that she believes that the perpetrator is pulling strings with his friend (her landlord) to evict them from the house. The landlord has given them a time period after which they must move out of the house; either leave or settle for $50,000.
“I really want to know what is going on with this story. I asked he if this went in you place, what you would’ve done? He said somebody would’ve had to go jail. I said I did the right thing. One man interfere with me daughter, what me must sit down and laugh and joy over it? I can’t laugh and joy over it,” she said.
The girl said the man did not use protection while performing the act. The mother said that the girl took HIV tests and a pregnancy test but she is still not certain whether or not her daughter is pregnant.
She is calling on the authorities for justice in the matter.