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Teens missing, reportedly lured to interior for sex trade

January 28, 2012 Leave a comment


Several girls from a West Bank Demerara community have gone missing since last week Saturday, and their families fear that an unscrupulous woman has lured them to the interior to become sex workers.
It is believed that a woman who goes by the names “Buck, Simone and Radika” may have taken the girls, aged 15 and under into the interior to prostitute them.
The mother of one of the minors said her 13-year-old daughter left home Friday morning and returned the following day with a friend, who she introduced as Simone.
“My daughter come home Saturday morning with Simone and she said that she spend the night by her.
“I start to quarrel with my daughter and Simone go down stairs by me and went over by my neighbour and bring over my daughter’s 15-year-old friend and her brother,” the distraught mother said.
“My daughter’s friend and her brother begged me not to beat her, so I didn’t, then they ask me to let her go with them in Venezuela to visit their mother and that they will bring her back to go school on Monday (last), but I tell them no,” she added.
The woman told this publication that after she continuously refused to let her daughter go to Venezuela, the 15-year-old girl asked her, “how much money you want?”
“I tell her I don’t want any money and I went into the room where my daughter was putting on her clothes to talk with her but her friend came in and give my daughter $20,000. My daughter took the money and give me $10,000 but I tell her I don’t want any money and she throw it on the bed and walked out with her friend and Simone,” the mother claimed.
According to the mother, when the girls left on Saturday, a neighbour started to quarrel early Sunday morning about Simone taking young girls to the interior.
Kaieteur News understands that the 13-year-old girl’s mother got concerned when she heard her neighbour quarrelling about Simone taking young girls “to the bush” so she went and inquired.
There she learnt that her daughter, along with her friend and another girl from the village left with Simone to go in the “bush”.
The mother told this publication that she “ask about” and was told that Simone lived with her mother on the West Bank of Demerara.
On Sunday, the mother went to the community to locate Simone’s mother but her search was futile. She then made a report at Vreed-en-Hoop station.
“When I went home, I start to find out from people where Simone take the girls. Someone show me her sister and when I ask her she said that they gone to Bartica.”
This publication understands that ‘Simone’ usually transacts ‘business’ for the teens she takes to the interior.
On Monday, the mother made a report to a Probation Officer in Georgetown. She was reportedly advised to take one of her daughter’s photographs to a police station in her community, which she did.
According to the woman, a police rank accompanied her to the home of Simone’s mother.
“She mother told us that she daughter carry them to Port Kaituma to do house work,” the teen’s mother indicated.
According to the teen’s mother, Simone’s mother and sister are giving conflicting reports about the missing girl’s whereabouts.
Kaieteur News understands that ‘Simone’ took a few girls from the community.
While the police were questioning Simone’s mother, the woman reportedly informed them that her daughter give all the girls $20,000 in advance. She also reportedly told the police that her daughter hired the girls to assist her since she operates a shop in the interior.
Now in a new twist, the mother of the 13-year-old was reportedly arrested for trafficking in person. She was put on 10,000 station bail on Thursday.
The woman claimed that Simone’s mother told the police that she (the mother) collected money from Simone to let her daughter ‘work’ in the interior.
The woman is saying that if the police pressure Simone’s mother they may get a clue about the missing girl’s whereabouts.