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Guyana PPPC Kings

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Nagamootoo fires back at PPP ‘King Liars’

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…says it’s a “pussur-pussur lie” to claim he was not named a possible successor to Dr Jagan
The charismatic Alliance for Change (AFC) convert, Moses Nagamootoo, has fired back at leaders of the incumbent People’s Progress Party (PPP), who have leveled serious allegations, or what he calls “lies” against him.
Nagamootoo, who spent decades in the PPP but left after citing corruption and other issues, has been a favourite punching back for the PPP at its meetings.
But in a stern rebuttal, Nagamootoo said that several lies have been cast upon him by leaders of the PPP. Among the thorniest issues has been Nagamootoo’s claim that he was seen by party founder Dr Cheddi Jagan as his possible successor.
The PPP has denied Nagamootoo’s claim that Dr Jagan had named him in November 1996 to be his possible successor.
Nagamootoo said that on May 18, 2004, he reminded Ramotar in a letter that “(t)here should be no myth about what Cheddi Jagan said at Lethem. I want to see Robert Persaud going on record on this issue. He was there!”
“Jagdeo and Ramotar never before denied what Dr. Jagan said. Ramotar tried to give it a ‘twist’”.
The former PPP member quoted a June, 8 2004 in which Ramotar wrote to him on the issue.
“It is clear that Cde. Cheddi must have been saying that when he is no longer available the Party would be in good hands because it has capable leaders. He must have mentioned you in that context,” Ramotar was quoted as saying. Therefore, Nagamootoo concluded that Ramotar never denied what Cheddi Jagan said, but only gave it his own twist.
President Jagdeo has claimed that one John Silas said to him that Cheddi Jagan never named Nagamootoo as his successor. That, Nagamootoo said, is a “pussur-pussur lie!” He said John Silas was not at the Lethem meeting.
Nagamootoo said that he is on record as writing Ramotar, in his capacity as PPP General Secretary, that he would have known that upon his return to Georgetown, he was summoned to an emergency Executive Committee meeting at Freedom House, to which Party Organiser John Silas, who was not an ExCo member, was invited to.

Moses Nagamootoo
Nagamootoo said that Mrs Janet Jagan demanded that he explain what happed at Lethem.
He said that he related what Dr Jagan said, and his reaction to that by suppressing publication of the remarks that he could possibly be a replacement for Dr Jagan at the 1997 elections.
“I explained why I had an angry argument with the Organiser [John Silas] for being absent from the meeting, when the microphones broke down; how, when he told me that I had no authority to question him, I chided him for not hearing what Comrade Cheddi had said, and how I added sarcastically ‘You could be looking at the next president!’”
“I added in my letter that Comrade Cheddi was within hearing distance in the next room, while that brawl was going on.”
Nagamootoo said the matter was never again raised in his presence with Dr Jagan.
“I was to be at his side until the fateful day that he was flown out from Guyana during February 1997, only to die days later. He never denied what he had said at Lethem. End of story.”
Nagamootoo has also been accused of being a candidate of Balram Singh Rai’s Justice Party in 1964 that helped removed the PPP from office and left that party in the cold for 28 years.
The PPP has warned its supporters about a “conspiracy” by the AFC and the opposition alliance APNU to group together and oust the PPP from the seat of government or at least cause it to lose the 19-year control it has had on the National Assembly.
In 1964, the United Force joined the PNC (which is now the major pillar of APNU) to put the PPP out of office.
Nagamootoo, however claimed that he was no candidate with Balram Singh Rai’s Justice Party. He said that he was 17-years-old in 1964 and hence was too young to vote, since the voting age was 21.
“I was too young to be on the Voters’ List; too young to vote. How on earth could I have been a candidate for any party?”
Nagamootoo explained that he joined the PPP on October 3, 1964, and served for an unbroken period until his resignation in September this year. In fact, he said that in 1991, he was conferred with a Meritorious
Award for serving the PPP with distinction continuously for over 25 years and that that certificate was signed by party founder Cheddi Jagan and current general secretary Donald Ramotar.
Another lie Nagamootoo said was being levelled against him is that in 1976, he was about to join the PNC along with Ranji Chandisingh, Vincent Teekah, Halim Majeed. He revealed that during 1975-1977, he favoured talks with the PNC, as advocated by Dr Jagan.
Nagamootoo said that others, who opposed cooperation, rigged the 1976 elections of the party’s youth arm so as to oust several “pro-talks” young leaders.
“I was dissatisfied but never left the PPP even though inducements were made to me by L.F.S. Burnham, Chandisingh and others.
Later, threats were used against me, but I refused to betray my leader and my party,” Nagamootoo claimed.
Nagamootoo denied talk by PPP leaders, including President Bharrat Jagdeo and presidential candidate Donald Ramotar, that he left the PPP because he lost the nomination to be the incumbent party’s presidential candidate.
Nagamootoo said he withdrew from “the rigged process” where party members were excluded from choosing a candidate.
He said Ramotar was hand-picked by “a gang” within the Central Committee, the highest decision making forum within the party.
Nagamootoo had refused to appear before this body, saying that it had no mandate to select a candidate.
“There was no election. Only a rigged selection,” he charged.
President Jagdeo, Nagamootoo claimed, had repeatedly said that he, Nagamootoo, lied on Mrs Jagan as she never promised that he should be Vice-President of Guyana.
However, Nagamootoo said that twice when the issue came up, Mrs. Jagan said she could not remember. “At 80 plus, it is fine not to remember. But she never denied. She never said that I lied on her,” Nagamootoo claimed.
Mere days before her death, Nagamootoo said that Mrs Jagan, his mentor as journalist, on March 5, 2009, in her own handwriting, sent a note to him, with words of appreciation and fraternal affection.
“She took pains
to scribble that note, telling me that her hand was in cast as she had broken her shoulder. Would she have done that if she felt that I had lied on her?”
Nagamootoo said that Mrs Jagan had done so on many previous occasions, embracing his work as she did on 27th May, 2008 when she lauded his tribute to militant women in the Guyanese struggle:
Nagamootoo also debunked that claim that Ramotar did nothing for the PPP in the last 10 years.
It is the same Ramotar, Nagamootoo said, who wrote him on June 8, 2004 in great appreciation, saying: “Your suggestions and contributions to debates have always been valued and I and the Party leadership look forward to your continued contribution.”
In addition, Nagamootoo quoted a July 21, 2006, press release in which Ramotar announced that “the Executive Committee expects that Mr. Nagamootoo will shortly resume his useful role in the party.”
Nagamootoo also took on Dr Joey Jagan, whom has accused him of being a soup drinker, a vagabond and an opportunist.
“What soup-drinker would leave a teaching job earning $180 monthly in 1970 to work for $114 as a journalist at Mirror, staying on for the next 22 years at the side of Janet Jagan, my editor?
“Which soup-drinker and opportunist would remain loyally at the side of Cheddi Jagan in the PPP for the unbroken 28 years in opposition under Burnham, and then another 12 years under Bharrat, and completed the proverbial 40 wilderness years?
“I resigned twice as Government Minister in 1993 and again in 2000. A ministerial portfolio held no soup for me,” Nagamootoo declared.
He said he left “the throne for the mudflat; I gave up privileges, perks and positions.”
When he was in Cabinet, Nagamootoo said he opposed the increase in Ministers’ salaries, but was out-voted.
He said he refused a national award when he was recommended by Cheddi Jagan, and when he became Minister, he refused to leave his humble house to live in a state-sponsored house.
Nagamootoo said that he never travelled on a first-class air ticket, nor stayed at hotels overseas at government’s expense.
He said he refused a $15 million loan from Jagdeo to buy a personal Prado, and choose instead to drive around in a second-hand government jeep.
In addition, Nagamootoo claimed that while he worked as journalist for a foreign agency between 1985 and 1992, he donated his entire salary to the PPP to help pay decent wages to party organisers.
“I am humbled to have attracted such great attention for my life’s work.
“I wish I could have taken these garlands of thorns to my grave — Judas, soup-drinker, traitor, neemakharaam, laurra, gutless, visionless, loser, vagabond, hypocrite, naga-dog, naga-goose, labaria, opportunist, ochro, etc.
“Except, these are all lies, dirty lies.”

President Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar, who both received backballs

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Presidential backball

 (Originally published in Guyana’s Stabroek News on 15 October 2011)  

These two words, presidential backball, seem contradictory – as if the two words should never be uttered in the same breath. Indeed, there ought to be respect when the word “president” comes across our lips. Backball, on the other hand, is a lewd word, something we hope our children do not mutter until they are adults.

Yet we are begrudgingly forced to join these two paradoxical words as we consider the conduct of President Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar, who both received backballs at their party’s recent rallies. I honestly cannot even believe that I am forced to talk about such coarse behaviour, but talk about it I must and so I shall.

The Urban Dictionary defines backball as a “Caribbean term for sensually gyrating in a forward bent over position, most often in front of a male while partying, sometimes also touching the ground with hands. Referred to as receiving by males and giving by females.”

This type of conduct is something that should be done in private, or at the very least in a dark room at a club full of people who are doing the same thing. It does not belong on the platform of a political rally in front of all and sundry – including children and impressionable young people.

However, my focus for this column is to draw a clear and concise line on how the crucial issue of domestic violence relates to the president of a country receiving a public backball. Common sense tells us that this type of public behaviour is inappropriate for any leader, much less the president of a country, but allow me to connect the dots for those who still do not seem to get it.

You see, as long as women are sexualised and objectified by society, they will never obtain the respect necessary for men to stop treating them as mere objects that can be toyed with, abused and discarded. Therefore, reducing women to objects of sexuality at a political rally by putting them in a permanent ‘club’ atmosphere perpetuates domestic violence.

With the depth of disregard and contempt displayed to the women of Guyana by these leaders, is it any wonder that so many women are being beaten, raped, tortured and murdered everyday? How will the youth of today ever learn to form healthy and respectful relationships when their leaders do not seem to know about healthy and respectful relationships?

To make matters even worse, Mr Ramotar is married! After speaking with Mr Ramotar about his wife earlier this summer, I believed he held her in high regard. However, no husband who respects his wife that would do what he did on that stage last weekend. It would seem the president is being a bad influence on Mr Ramotar.

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. The legal definition of sexual harassment is “unwelcome verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is severe or pervasive and affects working conditions or creates a hostile work environment.”

The fact that most of those on the stage at last weekend’s rally in Kitty were being paid by the PPP or the government made that situation a hostile working environment for the women.
Moreover, that the conduct in question was done in front of “thousands” of attendees and then broadcast throughout the nation and put on the Internet to go throughout the world, it then created a hostile living environment for all Guyanese women.

Minister of Human Services, Priya Manickchand, knows the definition of sexual harassment. She also knows what a hostile working environment is. She knows the only way domestic violence will stop in Guyana is by changing the existing social norms that degrade women.

Why has the Minister not put an end to this demeaning behaviour toward women? Why has she not, at the very least, condemned the shameful conduct? In fact, it would seem the entire PPP elite needs a comprehensive sensitivity training course. Madam Manickchand, if you want men to start respecting the women of Guyana, you need to start with the men in your own party.

Women should be seen at these political rallies giving stirring political speeches focused on how they are going to participate in transforming the country. We should see them displaying their intelligence, their ideas, their platform and their plans. Women attending the rallies should be seen as potential voters who want to make informed choices at the polls. They should not being objects of sexuality.

The media incessantly bombards us with sexualised images of women. Kaieteur News gives us a pretty face to look at every Sunday. But the government of Guyana should be leading the country in a different direction. The men of the PPP should be the standard to which the men of the nation can look for an example of how to treat a woman. God forbid they use the example they see now from the men in the PPP.

I do not know of any other president or presidential candidate who could behave in such a vulgar way in view of the whole world and still continue in that role. Any other political party would have publicly shamed them and attempted to save face by saying it would never happen again. The PPP has done no such thing, which leads one to assume it is just fine with their leaders disrespecting Guyana’s women.

It is not fine. It is not ok. In fact, the President and the PPP presidential candidate owe the women of Guyana an apology for further perpetuating the already insufferable situation in which they live. But let’s be honest. An apology will not be forthcoming. If these men did not esteem women enough to refrain from public backballing in the first place, they will not find enough regard for women to apologise now.

Spin Back – US revokes Guyana ruling PPPC goon Kwame McCoy’s visa amid allegations of child solicitation

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US revokes Kwame McCoy’s visa


The United States has revoked the non-immigrant visa of Office of the President Press and Publicity Officer Kwame McCoy as of Monday amid allegations of child solicitation that have been levelled against him.

Kwame McCoy

Kwame McCoy
In correspondence seen by this newspaper last evening, the US Embassy wrote that McCoy’s B1/B2 visa which was issued on March 6, 2009 has been revoked. Up to press time last night McCoy said no such correspondence has reached him, but he declared he is not worried should the information be confirmed as true.

McCoy told Stabroek News last night that if any letter of a visa revocation exists the most likely reason for such action would be the current allegations against him, allegations which he dismissed as unfounded. He also questioned whether the child in the case “exists”. McCoy said there appears to be no interest on the part of the US to enquire into the basis of such allegations and to determine whether they can be substantiated. According to him, any revocation on such grounds simply demonstrates how uninformed decisions could be taken based on “mere allegations”.

McCoy turned his attention to the US government saying an examination of its policies would point to the state offering protection to a confessed murderer who “admitted to being part of a criminal gang that killed (Ronald) Waddell among other things but now he and his entire family is being protected by the US”. McCoy added that the public will judge the facts.

“…I am not worried at all if my visa was revoked because thankfully the US has no control over where I travel”, he added.

A taped conversation between an adult and a child surfaced in September and on the recording, the two speakers discuss plans for a sexual liaison.  McCoy, who is also a member of the Rights of the Child Commission and a PPP/C Region Four Regional Democratic Council representative has denied that it is his voice on the recording, and deemed it a clear fabrication aimed at “smearing my character and family name.”

Previously, the US had revoked the visa of then Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj following allegations that he was linked to a death squad and subsequent to this current Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee also encountered visa problems while he held another portfolio. The US had also revoked the serving Commissioner of Police Henry Greene’s diplomatic visa in 2006 before taking back his visitor’s visa in June of the same year after Washington alleged that the then Acting Police Commissioner had benefited materially from the drugs trade. Greene had strenuously denied the allegation.

Bharrat Jagdeo did a con job on Guyana

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A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) continued its countrywide campaign with a number of meetings in Berbice. One such meeting was held at the Junction of NO 41 Scheme in Stanleytown, New Amsterdam where a few hundred persons were in attendance. The feature speaker was APNU Executive Member and Leader of the Opposition Robert Corbin.
Corbin lashed out at the ruling Peoples’ Progressive Party/Civic for its incompetence and its lackadaisical performance which has destroyed Guyana.

APNU Executive Member and Opposition Leader Robert Corbin holds up a copy of the Kaieteur News, showing members of the public the great deception and con job of Bharrat Jagdeo’s wedding to Vashnie Singh.

He stated that the PPP is a party of deception, and conmen, who have been deceiving the Guyanese people for the last 19 years.  He noted that Bharrat Jagdeo is the “chief deceiver and the chief trickster and con man.” Holding up a copy of the Sunday 13th November Kaieteur News, Corbin showed residents the photograph on the front page where Jagdeo “fooled the world that he was married to Vashnie Jagdeo. Conning everybody that he was married, what a shame. How can a President behave so low and have the gall to say things about people?”
“The PPP is in panic mode at the moment and we must vote them out,” Corbin stated.
Corbin stated that the PPP is in bed with the drug dealers and that this is the catalyst for all the bad things that are happening in Guyana at the moment.
He reminded residents about of the notorious Roger Khan, who stated that he worked with the Guyana government to fight crime. He mentioned a story told to him by a businessman who had closed his business and fled Guyana. According to Corbin, the businessman revealed that he had gone to see the President at Office of the President and Roger Khan was leaving at the same time. “He immediately became afraid, packed up and closed his business and left the country.”
Corbin reminded residents of the massacres that took place at Lusignan, Agricola, Bartica and Lindo Creek under President Jagdeo’s watch, for which no inquiry was ever held.
According to Corbin, newly converted Alliance For Change member Moses Nagamootoo was with the PPP for a long time “and if he could talk about the PPP banditry, corruption and thievery then you must believe him.”
Corbin said that when APNU had mentioned that the PPP was like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, “They wanted to sue. But we were waiting for them. Now Nagamootoo who been with them say the ‘Robb Street’ gang make Ali Baba and is crew look like small boys.”
Corbin told the Berbicans that a vote for an APNU government is a vote for clean, lean and decent people to lead this country for the next five years.
“The Robb Street gang of thieves, yes men, soup drinkers and bandits are abusing power, and using their majority to bulldoze the Guyanese people. They must be stopped, and come November 28, the nation has that opportunity by voting for a clean APNU Government.”
“You must reject these sycophants, who are outdated and dealing in corruption, drug trafficking, threatening national security, the heart of discrimination, and simply put, dealing in bad governance.”
The PNCR Leader said that an APNU government will reduce VAT, ensure economic and infrastructural development, job-creation and investments in health, education and housing.
He went on to outline the qualifications of APNU Presidential Candidate and leader Brigadier David Granger and Prime Ministerial candidate Dr. Rupert Roopnarine who are by far the two most qualified and experienced campaigners who he said will lead Guyana with dignity.


AFC promises to cut presidential pension & investigate the wealth amassed by PPP crooks

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A new Guyana government should also investigate the crimes committed against citizens by people like Kwame McKoy, Manniram son Navin Prashad, Donald son Alexei Ramotar etc

Rampant dishonesty

Dear Editor,
Dishonesty in government is the business of every citizen. So says Dalton Trumbo, an American novelist.
This quote aptly describes the action needed by all Guyanese in exposing this PPP/C Government and Donald Ramotar’s smoke and mirror operations on the Presidential Pensions Payment Continuously.
PPP Campaign Manager Mr. Robert Persaud, failed his Uncle in Law miserably with his unintellectual attempt to throw a red herring into the debate on the unrighteous Presidential pension package by bring Mrs. Janet Jagan pension into the picture.
So in his words Janet Jagan earned $729,529 per month, therefore why is Jagdeo demanding over $3 million? Why couldn’t he settle for $729,529? Only the following word comes to mind – covetous and greedy.
Under an AFC Government, greed will be dealt with condignly, and the Presidential Pensions Law will be revised to reduce the Presidential Pension to just above what a Permanent Secretary gets and not a cent more.
I close with excerpts from the lyrics from a song by Red Chilli Pepper “Greedy little people are always in a sea of distress”.
President Jagdeo your distress will start on December 1, when the AFC Government commences its forensic audit into how senior Government officials in the PPP amassed so much wealth in such a short time.
Sasenarine Singh

The Three Stooges of Guyana, Sam, Donald & Bharrat

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