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Are the scales of justice imbalanced because of the DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack?

January 23, 2012 1 comment
January 22, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Letters

Dear Editor,
The actions of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) office and the DPP herself, Shalimar Ali-Hack, in allegedly attempting to intervene in the case concerning allegations of sexual assault on little boys by a Muslim scholar is nothing less than stomach-churning if it is indeed true.
It should be noted that this is not the first time the DPP would have worked injustice instead of justice concerning the lives of the nation’s citizens.
In fact, the primary reason the NBS fraud case against three innocent men was allowed to wreak havoc on their lives for so long is because the DPP made sure a Preliminary Investigation [PI] was conducted even against the ruling of a magistrate and it is certainly no coincidence that the PI took years to complete.
Now that justice for these young children is in her hands, the police are claiming the DPP instead rose up to protect the alleged perpetrator? These actions do not equate to justice, but to yet more nauseating cronyism. The on-going injustice and widespread nepotism is making people sick.
President Donald Ramotar promised the country to put corruption high on his agenda. If that is in fact the case, it would seem the DPP office would be a perfect place to start rooting out those who are corrupt.
How many Guyanese have suffered so the DPP and her friends can do as they please? How many more Guyanese must be crushed while she makes a mockery of justice?
The process of justice in Guyana has been called into question many times recently for so many reasons. There are the three citizens being held for treason for over a year now. We have yet to hear anything on whether Police Commissioner Henry Greene is to be charged for sexual assault, though the file was to be given to the DPP this past week.
What about Odinga Lumumba’s assault on a polling official? This assault was more than cowardly attack against a woman; it was also an assault against democracy during a national election. When he assaulted this election agent, he assaulted the nation. Where is the justice that his woman and the nation deserve?
Will the nation see justice when Kwame McCoy goes to court in February over the alleged assaults by him against two people during the campaign season? If you asked anyone one the street this question, the immediate response would be in the negative. The people no longer believe in justice – and for good reason.
It is time to clean up the justice system. The tainted office of the DPP and the allegations against he top cop (again) show the depths to which the justice system has been dishonoured. Imagine a DPP office that attempts to cover up a sexual assault against children and a Police Commissioner who is being accused of sexual assault at gunpoint!
President Ramotar should be ashamed to call these the top officials of Guyana’s justice system.
Stella Ramsaroop


One week after DPPs advice…Odinga Lumumba assault file gathering dust

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment


It’s been more than a week since the Director of Public Prosecutions advised that Presidential Adviser, Odinga Lumumba, be charged and the file on the matter is beginning to gather dust.
The DPP had advised that Lumumba be charged with assault committed on Presiding Officer, Onika Beckles, on November 28 last, Elections Day.
When this newspaper contacted a senior police official, it was revealed that the file with the DPP’s recommendation had not yet reached Divisional Commander George Vyphuis, whose Division is responsible for acting on the advice.
Prior to this belated piece of information, other senior officials at Brickdam were reluctant to speak about the matter.
Beckles was allegedly forced to call in the police to an Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt Polling Station after Lumumba allegedly verbally abused her and also shoved her against a wall.
It is alleged that the People’s Progressive Party candidate also grabbed the camera phone from an Electoral Assistance Bureau (EAB) Observer who was recording the altercation and threw it to the floor, destroying it in the process.
Lumumba subsequently apologized to the Elections Observer and later replaced the phone with an explanation that he was angry at the time.
Lumumba was expected to appear in court earlier this week but there appears to be some foot dragging on the matter.
He will be the second Government official to appear in court within a month for assault.
He will follow Information Liaison in the Office of the President, Kwame Mc Coy, who was charged with assaulting a man in the run up to the last General and Regional Elections.