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Shaik Baksh and his son still driving State vehicles at Guyanese taxpayers expense

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An luxury at the taxpayers’ expense

Dear Editor,
Everyone is aware that Mr Shaik Baksh is no longer a Minister of Government nor is he serving the Government in an Advisory capacity and still has two state vehicles in his possession. These vehicles are being maintained at the expense of the taxpayers of this country.
Mr Baksh drives an open back pick-up PLL 9043 while his son drives a grey Prado PKK 7000. It is instructive to note that the current Minister of Education is without a State vehicle as is the custom and practice.
The good lady has to use a vehicle from her Ministry’s pool while Baksh is having fun. Can the Head of the Presidential Secretariat cause this situation to be put right. Shame on you Baksh, you have had enough from us Tax Payers.
Teddy L Ross’-expense/


Guyana Ministry of Education involved in text book scam, including purchasing photocopied books

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Dealer blows lid on Education Ministry’s book scam…Billions spent on outdated text books
– manipulates procurement procedures
“You have to understand that there is no clear-cut text book policy in Guyana. Many of the books being ordered…there is no way to determine whether they are relevant to the curriculum or not. So books are being ordered and sometimes even the teachers don’t want them.”
A local book dealer is calling on President Donald Ramotar to immediately launch an investigation

Former Minister of Education Shaik Baksh
into the system of text book ordering. He is claiming that there are widespread irregularities and fraud involved in the process.
According to Bholan Boodhoo, owner of the Horizon Bookshop in Alberttown, and a long time dealer of text books, the procurement system is deliberately being manipulated so that specific companies are granted the contract.
The Auditor General’s report covering government accounts of 2010, excerpts of which were published in this newspaper last Sunday, found instances in which hundreds of millions of dollars were written up in cheques, months before the contracts were awarded.
It not only signaled that there were serious irregularities but also that there was the shocking possibility that the procurement process in Guyana through the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board may have been compromised.
The report also suggested that books were also being partially delivered.
Kaieteur News was told that people high up in the Ministry of Education and specific dealers awarded the contracts, deliberately delivered short and would split the proceeds.
Text books dealing in Guyana is a billion dollar business.
According to Boodhoo, the way the procurement system is being run in Guyana is hugely unfair to other dealers and may even threaten the level of education in the country.
No policy
“You have to understand that there is no clear-cut text book policy in Guyana. For many of the books being ordered…there is no way to determine whether they are relevant to the curriculum. So books are being ordered and sometimes even the teachers don’t want them. They are distributed in the schools and left in the storeroom.”
Another major issue over the ordering of text books is that a large percentage ordered are called infringed copies– photocopies. A business on West Coast Demerara (name given) is the main supplier of photocopied text books.
“This is a clear violation of several regional and international laws. It saves money but how could a ministry and government by extension, sanction an illegality? We have legitimate book dealers in Guyana who are answerable to their companies.

Text book dealer, Bholan Boodhoo
“We have books that we are scared to even put on shelves because they are being bought and then photocopied or infringed and then resold,” the businessman said.
Many of the contracts awarded are through sole sourcing procurement procedures, meaning that the Ministry has already decided which company will get the contract.
“This is clearly a breach of what sole tendering is all about. For one company to be eligible as a sole tender, the ministry will have to show that it can’t buy from anywhere else and the orders must be with all the relevant specifications included.
“This may be true if you are ordering a Wartsila engine or Caterpillar set…then you will have to go to the company that makes them. In the Guyana case, only some books could be ordered through sole sourcing…not all as is being done,” Boodhoo stressed.
However, in many cases, the contracts are just being awarded as sole sourcing without evidence being presented that the books are not available elsewhere.
And how is it being done?
“On the approval granted by the Cabinet, the list will more than likely have general descriptions of texts but no names of the books wanted. This is another way in which legitimate dealers are being shafted because they don’t have a clear idea of what is needed.”
In many cases, the Ministry of Education just does not advertise for the books.
“In the absence of a Procurement Commission, it is hard to complain,” the dealer said.
That commission is the body which would have heard complaints being filed by aggrieved parties on alleged instances where government’s procurement processes were not followed. The commission, despite public clamouring, has not yet been established by the government.
“Many of the books being ordered are not revised and outdated.”
At least three businesses are now selling infringed copies of text books at a fraction of the costs. One is located in Water Street and another on Croal Street.
“Those infringed copies are of poor qualities and in black and white in most cases. In almost all the cases the businesses selling the books are not dealers or are just not authorized.”
Meanwhile, Kaieteur News was told that when text books are purchased, whether they are infringed or not, they are delivered to the Ministry of Education’s Book Distribution Unit.
The Auditor General report on the Ministry’s 2010 accounts found that in most cases, records of that unit did not match up with what was ordered. Insiders are saying records are deliberately not being provided to state auditors.
In most cases, the Book Distribution Unit is not provided or made aware of what was ordered from the supplier…only what is being delivered.
Further, even records being kept at the unit are poor and sources at the Education Ministry again say that this is deliberately so that in cases of checks, it will be hard to track instances of short delivery, among other fraudulent activities.
In the Auditor General’s report of the 2010 accounts, auditors found one instance where a massive $110M order was made for text books but two cheques for the amount were made months before the contract was awarded.
According to the report, the fact that the payments took place in the fourth and ninth months of 2011, confirms the use of a strategy to defeat the controls as set out in the government’s Fiscal Management and Accountability Act (FMA), by the withdrawal of sums appropriated in one year and holding them for extended periods for spending in another year during the life of another Appropriation Act.
“It is even more disturbing that such a serious breach is aided and abetted by the Ministry of Finance, through a process in which stale dated cheques are extended for use at current dates. This was the case of the second cheque which was updated on June 9, 2011.”
In charge of the Ministry at the time was Minister Shaik Baksh, who was not included in the current Cabinet under new President Donald Ramotar. He was also embroiled in a questionable contract involving the delivery of computers to a number of schools.
In 2009, cheques were also written up days before the end of the year for book orders that would have been delivered in 2010, an occurrence that the state auditors found disturbing.
It was this same supplier who was given contracts in 2010 to the tune of $230M but cheques were drawn up in December 2009. There were several discrepancies also with those contracts including one that was “surprisingly” dated one year later on January 21, 2011.
According to the report, the Tender Board approval did not disclose details of the orders, including the book titles, authors, quantities or even costs.
On request, the Ministry of Education provided two contracts and three book lists that give details of the order.
“The Audit Office was unable to validate delivery on the orders, as the state of accounting at the Book Delivery Unit (BDU) made accounting for the books impractical. It should be noted that the BDU provided delivery invoices with supply details of several books. However, these invoices were not referenced to the related orders and did not include the prices of the books supplied.”
National Centre of Educational Resource Development (NCERD), an arm of the Ministry of Education, is the department that is reportedly in charge of ordering text books.…billions-spent-on-outdated-text-books/

Guyana govt education progress eludes PPPC cronies

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AD in Guyana Times, on the bright side at least this paper has low circulation

Khurshid Sattaur receiving The Cacique Crown of Honour

Buddy’s ad in the Caribbean Beat magazine

Buddy Shivraj

Office of the President publication

PPP, gov’t in possession of substantial sums to buy support

October 13, 2011 2 comments

Dear Editor,

I pray to allow me to share with citizens some experiences over the weekend.

They speak to real but worrying conditions existing in our beloved Guyana.

At a function on Sunday evening in the village of Crane, West Coast Demerara, I met a seventy-six year old Guyanese born retiree living in Delaware, USA. Painfully he related some experiences, He was unhappy at the sharp decline in standards since his last visit. He was in a hire car when a Police Patrol stopped it – after a brief exchange, he observed the driver of the hire car take a bag of rice from his trunk – the police took it and drove off.

Next he related that he spent part of his childhood in the Golden Grove, Nabaclis area and reading about the many contracts and the wonderful things coming from the Ministry of Education, he was surprised to find the school in the village in such a sorry state.

Finally, he lamented that as an ex-police, our police and teachers are still poorly paid.

After leaving that village, I noticed a convoy of vehicles – enquiries revealed that they were part of a large number of vehicles including sugar estate vehicles that were commissioned to take persons to and from the PPP Rally in Kitty.

One Linden resident told us he was given $3,500 as a meal allowance to attend the said rally.

The previous evening a young man came forward at the vigil on Main Street protesting the ban on Channel 6 – he openly related how he was asked how much he needs to read a Martin Carter poem at the event to commemorate United Nation Year of People of African Descent’, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and held at the National Stadium.

When the sum of five thousand dollars was mentioned he was told that more was available. He explained to those of us gathered on the Main Street Avenue, why he refused to sell his soul, but having heard of the vigil came and asked permission to recite the poem, he was allowed and duly did so.

It is clear, the PPP and the government are in possession of substantial sums to purchase support and are in the business of rent a crowd and glitter.

Buses were seen lined up from the Kitty Market to the Sea Wall.

The PPP has been in office for almost two decades, ought they need for such tactics, but they know full well that history repeats itself, and we would always have those to whom money is just about everything.

Kaslay noted. “Money is a bottomless sea, in which honour, conscience and truth may be drowned.”

Let us hope that such persons who take these incentives know how to exercise their franchise so as to avoid future indignities.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, JP

Plans underway to silence media house that exposes Government corruption

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We have learnt from very reliable sources of a plot to fabricate allegations against persons connected with this newspaper so as to lay the basis for them to be charged.
This plot, we understand, has been hatched because of official concerns over the things that this newspaper has been exposing. We have been exposing the rampant corruption, the theft of national resources and the transfer of these resources to colleagues, associates and cohorts.
Certain persons in the upper echelons of the society are adamant that we should not be allowed to continue to report these things in the run-up to general and regional elections. As such, there is a plan to silence Kaieteur News by targeting persons connected with this newspaper.
One senior official has already threatened members of the Kaieteur News that should anybody ever make a mistake, be it traffic or otherwise, that staff member would be faced with the full force of the law and more.
We are not taking these reports lightly and we are hereby notifying our readership about what we have learnt. We are also placing the nation on alert about these plans which we consider devious and a direct assault on freedom of the press. They are so serious that they could force the closure of this newspaper and deny the nation a credible source of information about their interests and welfare.
We have repeatedly said that we will not bow to pressure.  We will defend the right to publish matters of public interest and for the right of the people of Guyana to receive this information. As a national newspaper this is our pact with the people of Guyana. We shall not be deterred from doing our job and will zealously guard the canons that we uphold.
Kaieteur News will stand in defence of those associated with this newspaper; those who are being targeted because of the views expressed herein. We shall stand firm in the face of this continued onslaught against our newspaper, but we will be vigilant given the information that has come to hand.

Ministry of Education buying counterfeit text books

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Publishers still mulling lawsuits over copied books

Published on 2011-05-03 16:45:33 in News

Book publishers who have had their products copied on a massive scale are hoping that the perpetrators will desist, thereby saving them the effort of having to pursue litigation.

Locally, the photocopying and sale of text books in particular has been a bugbear for overseas publishers, mostly from London, and they have sought legal advice on the matter.

Attorney Andrew Pollard of Hughes, Fields and Stoby told on Tuesday that the publishers have so far not instigated lawsuits but they have been advised that they  would be within their rights should they do so.

“The publishers are still of the view that they’d expect the relevant agencies to do the right thing. We understand the government has purchased a substantial amount of these counterfeit text books,” Pollard said.

According to the attorney, the publishers have made their disappointment known and are hoping that the situation will be corrected. He added that while they have chosen not to go with litigation as yet, such a move will come without warning.

Efforts to contact education minister Shaik Baksh were unsuccessful.

Local bookstores have almost completely vanished with only one doing any particular business in the city, namely Austin’s Book Services.

In a brief comment to proprietor Lloyd Austin noted that the situation remained the same even as publishers sought to secure powers of attorney to advocate on their behalf. He said he believed the matter will hit the media should it ever come to a head.

Austin has in the past lamented the practice of copying and retailing the text books saying it has forced him to cut back significantly on the amount of books he imports.

Copied text books are currently available in schools across the country.