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Guyana president Donald Ramotar using his office budget to hide paying PPP cronies big $

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Fat cats unmasked… ‘Disgraceful’ OP operating ‘Dharm Shala’ for friends, cronies


…super salaries being paid to do little or nothing, “mostly nothing” – Moses Nagamotoo
Attorney-at-law Moses Nagamootoo, who made headlines on Nomination Day when he defected from the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) and campaigned for the Alliance for Change, says that the latest revelation coming out of Office of the President has vindicated his position during the recent Budget Cuts.
Nagamootoo coined the phrase ‘fat cats’ in reference to persons at Government agencies being paid huge amounts and while he was unable during the budgetary process to unveil them, he says that the information which has been now made public demonstrates that “Office of the President is running a Dharm Shala for friends and cronies.”
Nagamootoo said that it is clear as day to see that there are persons being paid by Office of the President “to do little or nothing, mostly nothing.”
Nagamootoo, during an interview yesterday, said that it is clear as day to see that there are ‘Sinecure appointments’ (persons past political prime)” being paid by Office of the President as well as numerous Freedom House operatives.
He said that it is unfair of the government to be asking sections of the population such as Linden to take on additional hardships while others are being rewarded for next to nothing with super salaries.
Nagamootoo reminded of a proposal recently to pay cane cutters $800 per punt of cane when others were being paid more than 800 per cent above the average worker.
He said that “it is disgraceful that Office of the President would be running a Dharm Shala for friends and cronies.”
Nagamootoo was adamant that it is equally “disgraceful that this is happening under the watch of a government that champions the working class.”
The AFC Member of Parliament pointed to what he called persons being paid by Office of the President to be ‘ghost writers.”
He identified a David DeGroot and asks, “What else could this man be paid for? What else does he do at Office of the President?” asked Nagamootoo.
He was adamant that this has nothing to do with personal attacks against individuals, but he queried how the Freedom House Secretary, Chitraykha Dass, could be earning more than $250,000 payable from Office of the President.
As the House prepared to debate a motion of no confidence against Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee this past Wednesday, the information was made available as a result of a request by A Partnership for National Unity’s Joseph Harmon.
The APNU Executive Member had requested the names and designations of persons terminated as a result of the 2012 Budgetary Cuts.
The question was posed to Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, where it was revealed that another Freedom House operative is paid almost $400,000.
According to the information which was presented by Dr. Singh in the House on Wednesday, Mahendra Roopnarine, earns $395,000 per month and the salary is paid by Office of the President.
His designation is listed as “Press Undersecretary, OPL” whose salary payable at the end of last month was $395,000.
Roopnarine currently hosts the weekly programme “Getting it Right,” which was previously undertaken by the then Junior Health Minister Bheri Ramsaran.
Roopnarine was also a staple on pro-government television channels during the 2011 Election Campaign.
Controversial Office of the President figure, in the person of the President’s Information Liaison Officer, Kwame McCoy is being paid $334,850 per month. McCoy’s designation is listed as a ‘Communications Coordinator.’
It was also revealed that Government Information Agency (GINA) which had its Budget reduced to $1, pays its Director Neaz Subhan $295,530, while GINA’s Editor-in-Chief Shanta Goberdhan earns $295,460 per month.
Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon, is listed as being paid by Office of the President, a salary of $895,326 while his Deputy, Hydar Ally is paid $550,064.
Office of the President also pays the son of Former Attorney General, Charles Ramson, $430,196 for the position of Technical Legal Director.
Major General (ret’d) Joseph G Singh who has been retained by Office of the President as a Special Assistant to the President is paid some $667,440 for his services while OP’s Protocol Advisor Eshwar Persaud is paid $268,000.
A Cabinet Monitor Officer named Leroy Cort also earns from Office of the President some $155,628.
“Presidential Pol. Liaison Officer” Chitraykha Dass earns $255,000 for his services while Parliamentarian Reverend Kwame Gilbert also receives $294, 585 for his services as a ‘Community Develop. (Social Policy Officer).’
Cheddi Jagan 11, the Attorney-at-Law earns from Office of the President $489,666.
Desmond Kissoon, the Presidential Political Liaison Officer Region Nine, earns some $280,000 while Clive Lloyd, the President’s Advisor on Sports earns $721,000 in this capacity.
Reepu Daman Persaud the ailing Pandit is listed on the June payroll for Office of the President to receive $412,320 for his services as an Advisor to the President while former Regional Chairman for Region Six, Zulfikar Mustapha earns for himself as Head, Community Relations Liaison Officer some $307,600.
Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira, earns for herself $967,985 from Office of the President in that capacity, a salary greater than her boss Dr. Luncheon.

This was the same way Bharrat Jagdeo was hiding the big money he was paying Alexei Ramotar


Are the scales of justice imbalanced because of the DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack?

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January 22, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under Letters

Dear Editor,
The actions of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) office and the DPP herself, Shalimar Ali-Hack, in allegedly attempting to intervene in the case concerning allegations of sexual assault on little boys by a Muslim scholar is nothing less than stomach-churning if it is indeed true.
It should be noted that this is not the first time the DPP would have worked injustice instead of justice concerning the lives of the nation’s citizens.
In fact, the primary reason the NBS fraud case against three innocent men was allowed to wreak havoc on their lives for so long is because the DPP made sure a Preliminary Investigation [PI] was conducted even against the ruling of a magistrate and it is certainly no coincidence that the PI took years to complete.
Now that justice for these young children is in her hands, the police are claiming the DPP instead rose up to protect the alleged perpetrator? These actions do not equate to justice, but to yet more nauseating cronyism. The on-going injustice and widespread nepotism is making people sick.
President Donald Ramotar promised the country to put corruption high on his agenda. If that is in fact the case, it would seem the DPP office would be a perfect place to start rooting out those who are corrupt.
How many Guyanese have suffered so the DPP and her friends can do as they please? How many more Guyanese must be crushed while she makes a mockery of justice?
The process of justice in Guyana has been called into question many times recently for so many reasons. There are the three citizens being held for treason for over a year now. We have yet to hear anything on whether Police Commissioner Henry Greene is to be charged for sexual assault, though the file was to be given to the DPP this past week.
What about Odinga Lumumba’s assault on a polling official? This assault was more than cowardly attack against a woman; it was also an assault against democracy during a national election. When he assaulted this election agent, he assaulted the nation. Where is the justice that his woman and the nation deserve?
Will the nation see justice when Kwame McCoy goes to court in February over the alleged assaults by him against two people during the campaign season? If you asked anyone one the street this question, the immediate response would be in the negative. The people no longer believe in justice – and for good reason.
It is time to clean up the justice system. The tainted office of the DPP and the allegations against he top cop (again) show the depths to which the justice system has been dishonoured. Imagine a DPP office that attempts to cover up a sexual assault against children and a Police Commissioner who is being accused of sexual assault at gunpoint!
President Ramotar should be ashamed to call these the top officials of Guyana’s justice system.
Stella Ramsaroop

Guyana Goverment – PPP goon Kwame McCoy on assault charges

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Bharrat Jagdeo has to be squirming

By Andre Haynes  |  Local, News | Friday, December 16, 2011

Office of the President (OP) press officer Kwame McCoy was this morning placed on self-bail after he was arraigned on charges, including two counts of assault.

Two charges against McCoy stem from an altercation Clifton Stewart on D‘Urban Street, Lodge over the removal of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) posters, in which he is accused of hitting the man in the head with a gun during the argument. The other charge against him stems from an incident where he allegedly ran into a woman with his car.

The first charge against McCoy is that on November 12, on Norton Street, he assaulted Stewart with the intent to cause actual bodily harm. The second charge is that on the same day, he also made use of threatening language to Stewart, thereby causing a breach of the peace.

The third charge stated that on October 25, he allegedly unlawfully assaulted Natalia Ross with intent to cause her actual bodily harm.

Kwame McCoy

McCoy pleaded not guilty to all three charges when they were read to him at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court One.

Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, before whom the matter was called, granted McCoy bail on his own recognizance on the condition that he hands over his passport to the authorities. McCoy was further placed on a bond to keep the peace, pending the determination of the matter that will be recalled on February 21, 2012.

Strange things are happening in Guyana now, PPP goon Kwame Mc Coy to be charged

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December 14, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under News


One month after the alleged gun-butting of APNU activist Clifton Stewart, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has recommended charges against former Information Liaison to the President, Kwame Mc Coy.
Indications are that Mc Coy will appear in court shortly.
The decision came just one day after Stewart staged a one-man picketing exercise outside the DPP’s chambers over the apparent reluctance of law officials to institute charges against Mc Coy.
Stewart had promised to take his protest to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Office of the President.
He had told Kaieteur News that after his protest action on Monday, a police inspector assigned to the DPP’s office informed him that the DPP “was not finished with the file” and had sent it back to investigators at the Brickdam Police Station.
Stewart alleges that he was assaulted on November 12 in D’Urban Street, Lodge, when he upbraided Mc Coy for telling persons to erect posters over those of APNU’s Presidential Candidate David Granger.
He alleged that Mc Coy had also said that he was ‘a marked man.’
Stewart subsequently submitted a medical document and a statement to the police.
A police official had told Stewart over two weeks ago that a report on his case had been sent to the office of the DPP.
A police official has told Kaieteur News that the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is in possession of the report of that incident, as well as others concerning the alleged assault of civilians at the hands of Mc Coy.

Spin Back – US revokes Guyana ruling PPPC goon Kwame McCoy’s visa amid allegations of child solicitation

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US revokes Kwame McCoy’s visa


The United States has revoked the non-immigrant visa of Office of the President Press and Publicity Officer Kwame McCoy as of Monday amid allegations of child solicitation that have been levelled against him.

Kwame McCoy

Kwame McCoy
In correspondence seen by this newspaper last evening, the US Embassy wrote that McCoy’s B1/B2 visa which was issued on March 6, 2009 has been revoked. Up to press time last night McCoy said no such correspondence has reached him, but he declared he is not worried should the information be confirmed as true.

McCoy told Stabroek News last night that if any letter of a visa revocation exists the most likely reason for such action would be the current allegations against him, allegations which he dismissed as unfounded. He also questioned whether the child in the case “exists”. McCoy said there appears to be no interest on the part of the US to enquire into the basis of such allegations and to determine whether they can be substantiated. According to him, any revocation on such grounds simply demonstrates how uninformed decisions could be taken based on “mere allegations”.

McCoy turned his attention to the US government saying an examination of its policies would point to the state offering protection to a confessed murderer who “admitted to being part of a criminal gang that killed (Ronald) Waddell among other things but now he and his entire family is being protected by the US”. McCoy added that the public will judge the facts.

“…I am not worried at all if my visa was revoked because thankfully the US has no control over where I travel”, he added.

A taped conversation between an adult and a child surfaced in September and on the recording, the two speakers discuss plans for a sexual liaison.  McCoy, who is also a member of the Rights of the Child Commission and a PPP/C Region Four Regional Democratic Council representative has denied that it is his voice on the recording, and deemed it a clear fabrication aimed at “smearing my character and family name.”

Previously, the US had revoked the visa of then Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj following allegations that he was linked to a death squad and subsequent to this current Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee also encountered visa problems while he held another portfolio. The US had also revoked the serving Commissioner of Police Henry Greene’s diplomatic visa in 2006 before taking back his visitor’s visa in June of the same year after Washington alleged that the then Acting Police Commissioner had benefited materially from the drugs trade. Greene had strenuously denied the allegation.

PPP goon Kwame McCoy accused of running over another woman with his vehicle

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McCoy taking notes from Navin Prashad, the son of Minister of Tourism, who was charged with causing the death of a University student, and that case just disappeared from the courts, then the case of another Office of the President official Nanda Gopal which wasn’t even investigated, and how can we forget about earlier this year when Alexei Ramotar, the son PPP Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar ran down a man and got off, in fact the same investigating police officer got a big raise and promotion a few months after the incident.  Then there is the policeman that was rundown by Minister Kellawan Lall, then once again nothing became of the other incident involving Kellawan Lall hitting down two people on a motorcycle.  The PPP and their cronies commit crimes against the average Guyanese and no one is held accountable.

OCTOBER 26, 2011 | BY KNews | FILED UNDER News

“Just because he wukkin wid de President, he feel he could do whatever he like to people and de police can’t do he nothing.”
The words of an angry mother, whose 22-year-old daughter, Natalia Ross, was hospitalized overnight after she was allegedly run over by a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) driven by Information Liaison to President Bharat Jagdeo, Kwame McCoy.
Roxanne McKenzie is terribly upset that McCoy is apparently being allowed to get off scot-free for what she described a deliberate act.
“You know who is Kwame? De police can’t touch he!” exclaimed one of the eyewitnesses to the incident, which occurred around 00:15 hours yesterday on Robb Street near the junction with Albert Street. The victim has reportedly suffered severe concussions and bruises about her body.
This newspaper understands that the incident stemmed from an earlier altercation between volunteers from two major political parties over the erection of campaign material in Georgetown.
According to reports, volunteers from the ruling PPP/C were erecting posters on lamp posts along Regent Street when they were confronted by several persons who objected to the “obscuring of another party’s campaign material.”
This led to a heated argument and the PPP/C volunteers summoning McCoy.

The injured Natalia Ross being assisted by her mother Roxanne McKenzie after she was discharged from the GPHC yesterday.

The PPP/C volunteers subsequently went to Robb Street where they continued to carry out their duties and again another verbal confrontation ensured.
McKenzie, who was at a residence at Robb and Albert Streets, told this newspaper that her daughter Natalia Ross and her aunt were heading there from a party nearby when they observed the confrontation in front of their home.
“They were making joke with some boys who were putting up a plaque, telling them don’t knock de lantern post too hard because wood ants eating it out and it gon fall down…anyway, Mr. Kwame come up in me daughter and me sister face and start talking and busing,” McKenzie told Kaieteur News.
Ross, who was discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon, told this newspaper that she was jokingly warning the men against hammering on the post lest it caused a problem with the electricity to their house when McCoy intervened.
“He came up and told the men, ‘allyuh do me wuk because I paying y’all. Don’t bother with people.’ then he asked me if the lamp post is me own and I tell he ‘no is GPL own’,” Ross related.
She claimed that McCoy became more aggressive and began pointing his fingers in her aunt’s face, leading to Ross forcefully upbraiding him.
“I tell he talk but don’t touch and he tell me shut me mouth, I gon see wha gon happen to me, he gon show me he is who.”
The woman said that McCoy then left and went to his vehicle which was parked on the other side of the road.
“I really thought that he was going to his vehicle to call the police to come and arrest me, but then I see these two bright lights coming and that was it,” Ross recalled.
She never regained consciousness until three hours later at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.
Her mother related that she too would have been struck down had she not jumped out of the way.
According to McKenzie, as her daughter lay sprawled on the parapet, McCoy drove away and returned a few minutes later, still “ranting and raving.”
“I tell he I gon call the media and he tell me he ain’t frighten dem, he does deal with dem everyday,” McKenzie stated.
By then the police had arrived and were so preoccupied with getting the injured woman to the hospital that they paid no attention to McCoy.
McKenzie then went to the Alberttown Police Station where she made a report.
Kaieteur News understands that McCoy has given the police no official report on the matter.
When contacted by this newspaper last evening, McCoy denied that he was involved in any incident that led to the woman receiving injuries.
“I don’t have no time with people and their ignorance. I am not going to be part of the PNC/APNU drama to stir up a confrontation,” McCoy said, adding that he will not be distracted from carrying out his work.
But when asked how the woman received injuries that caused her to be hospitalised, McCoy replied “my vehicle did not come into contact with anyone. My workers called me and told me that she, the woman, threw herself down and began screaming.”
“Did they tell you that she was drunk. I don’t care, I am surprised that you called me,” McCoy told a reporter from this newspaper.
This is not the first time that McCoy has been involved in an incident like this. He was previously accused of driving his vehicle on another woman during a protest action in the city.
He was never charged. He was also accused to have been in an incident which involved the damaging of a vehicle belonging to social activist Mark Benschop . The police have not yet taken any decisive action in that matter.
“I can’t understand this thing because you working with the government and nobody can’t say nothing. People could drive over you and talk up and go away and lef you lying down pon de parapet,” McKenzie told this newspaper.
“When he don knock down me daughter, he drive away and come back fuh bad up and buse. I was not afraid when he came back like he brandishing a gun because when I see me daughter lie down deh, I done say is best Kwame kill me, is only because he had a gun and he had he people with he. But I need justice fuh me daughter,” she added.
McKenzie said that words cannot explain how she is feeling now that the police appear to have taken no action.
“We de poor people is like nothing, because he wukkin in de government, he can do whatever he want to do to people. I don’t find that is right at all,” she stated.
According to the woman, the police appear to have already taken a position since she overheard an officer at the Alberttown Station saying that her daughter had walked into McCoy’s vehicle.
“Dis man got plenty power. He got more power than de president how dis man operate. Thank God he ain’t kill my daughter,” McKenzie stated.