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Guyana president Donald Ramotar using his office budget to hide paying PPP cronies big $

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Fat cats unmasked… ‘Disgraceful’ OP operating ‘Dharm Shala’ for friends, cronies


…super salaries being paid to do little or nothing, “mostly nothing” – Moses Nagamotoo
Attorney-at-law Moses Nagamootoo, who made headlines on Nomination Day when he defected from the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) and campaigned for the Alliance for Change, says that the latest revelation coming out of Office of the President has vindicated his position during the recent Budget Cuts.
Nagamootoo coined the phrase ‘fat cats’ in reference to persons at Government agencies being paid huge amounts and while he was unable during the budgetary process to unveil them, he says that the information which has been now made public demonstrates that “Office of the President is running a Dharm Shala for friends and cronies.”
Nagamootoo said that it is clear as day to see that there are persons being paid by Office of the President “to do little or nothing, mostly nothing.”
Nagamootoo, during an interview yesterday, said that it is clear as day to see that there are ‘Sinecure appointments’ (persons past political prime)” being paid by Office of the President as well as numerous Freedom House operatives.
He said that it is unfair of the government to be asking sections of the population such as Linden to take on additional hardships while others are being rewarded for next to nothing with super salaries.
Nagamootoo reminded of a proposal recently to pay cane cutters $800 per punt of cane when others were being paid more than 800 per cent above the average worker.
He said that “it is disgraceful that Office of the President would be running a Dharm Shala for friends and cronies.”
Nagamootoo was adamant that it is equally “disgraceful that this is happening under the watch of a government that champions the working class.”
The AFC Member of Parliament pointed to what he called persons being paid by Office of the President to be ‘ghost writers.”
He identified a David DeGroot and asks, “What else could this man be paid for? What else does he do at Office of the President?” asked Nagamootoo.
He was adamant that this has nothing to do with personal attacks against individuals, but he queried how the Freedom House Secretary, Chitraykha Dass, could be earning more than $250,000 payable from Office of the President.
As the House prepared to debate a motion of no confidence against Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee this past Wednesday, the information was made available as a result of a request by A Partnership for National Unity’s Joseph Harmon.
The APNU Executive Member had requested the names and designations of persons terminated as a result of the 2012 Budgetary Cuts.
The question was posed to Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, where it was revealed that another Freedom House operative is paid almost $400,000.
According to the information which was presented by Dr. Singh in the House on Wednesday, Mahendra Roopnarine, earns $395,000 per month and the salary is paid by Office of the President.
His designation is listed as “Press Undersecretary, OPL” whose salary payable at the end of last month was $395,000.
Roopnarine currently hosts the weekly programme “Getting it Right,” which was previously undertaken by the then Junior Health Minister Bheri Ramsaran.
Roopnarine was also a staple on pro-government television channels during the 2011 Election Campaign.
Controversial Office of the President figure, in the person of the President’s Information Liaison Officer, Kwame McCoy is being paid $334,850 per month. McCoy’s designation is listed as a ‘Communications Coordinator.’
It was also revealed that Government Information Agency (GINA) which had its Budget reduced to $1, pays its Director Neaz Subhan $295,530, while GINA’s Editor-in-Chief Shanta Goberdhan earns $295,460 per month.
Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon, is listed as being paid by Office of the President, a salary of $895,326 while his Deputy, Hydar Ally is paid $550,064.
Office of the President also pays the son of Former Attorney General, Charles Ramson, $430,196 for the position of Technical Legal Director.
Major General (ret’d) Joseph G Singh who has been retained by Office of the President as a Special Assistant to the President is paid some $667,440 for his services while OP’s Protocol Advisor Eshwar Persaud is paid $268,000.
A Cabinet Monitor Officer named Leroy Cort also earns from Office of the President some $155,628.
“Presidential Pol. Liaison Officer” Chitraykha Dass earns $255,000 for his services while Parliamentarian Reverend Kwame Gilbert also receives $294, 585 for his services as a ‘Community Develop. (Social Policy Officer).’
Cheddi Jagan 11, the Attorney-at-Law earns from Office of the President $489,666.
Desmond Kissoon, the Presidential Political Liaison Officer Region Nine, earns some $280,000 while Clive Lloyd, the President’s Advisor on Sports earns $721,000 in this capacity.
Reepu Daman Persaud the ailing Pandit is listed on the June payroll for Office of the President to receive $412,320 for his services as an Advisor to the President while former Regional Chairman for Region Six, Zulfikar Mustapha earns for himself as Head, Community Relations Liaison Officer some $307,600.
Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira, earns for herself $967,985 from Office of the President in that capacity, a salary greater than her boss Dr. Luncheon.

This was the same way Bharrat Jagdeo was hiding the big money he was paying Alexei Ramotar


The PPP has an authoritarian culture

January 30, 2012 2 comments


Dear Editor,

Freddie Kissoon is bang-on with his position that the PPP has and has always had an authoritarian culture. However, Mr Kissoon did not examine why. I must state that many features of the analysis below are applicable to that other political wrecker-in-chief, the PNC, now APNU. It starts with the fact that the PPP remains a communist party at heart. Communist parties are totalitarian in structure and practice. Nonsensical notions like democratic centralism are used only to hoodwink the followers. At the end of the day, a handful of men and women handpicked by the bigwigs have always controlled all the power within the PPP, excluding the rank and file. Ever since Balram Singh Rai challenged the Jagans, the PPP has centralised power in the hands of a few who make all the decisions for the hundreds of thousands who support the party. It is this travesty that saddled this nation with a neophyte like Mr Jagdeo who went on to rival Burnham for his authoritarian tendencies and currently Donald Ramotar, who had many questions surrounding his qualifications for the presidency. The autocracy started with the Jagans and has continued. Cheddi Jagan’s political skill and class made him an obvious choice for leader but there was nothing wrong in Cheddi being re-elected in a proper transparent democratic process.

Authoritarianism thrived in the PPP because of several factors. Firstly, the PPP inner circle fooled its membership into believing that internal dictatorship was necessary for the survival of the PPP in order to prevent Western intrusion. Secondly, this argument was extended to the claim that PPP’s internal dictatorship was necessary to fight the PNC dictatorship. Thirdly, the PPP inserted serious anti-dissent clauses in its communist constitution to keep the membership in line. Fourthly, totalitarian concepts like democratic centralism were masqueraded as democracy when they were nothing but rank autocracy. Fifthly, the PPP exploited the lack of education about democracy among its supporters. Sixthly, the PPP exploited ethnic insecurity and promoted the concept that democracy within the party was expendable in order to maintain the PPP’s standing as the provider of security for Indians. The PPP blurred the lines between ethnic affinity and party fairness. Ethnic security or insecurity is no barrier to internal party democracy. In fact, the PNC has just demonstrated that fact. Democratic elections within the PPP would have still delivered Cheddi and Janet Jagan as leaders, but likely not Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar.

Ninth, the PPP practised blame transference by focusing on the PNC’s dictatorship to deflect its own internal autocracy. Tenth, the PPP congresses were carefully managed, controlled and influenced events which led to the same set of people getting selected again and again to the prime positions within the PPP. Eleventh, the PPP centralised power to small groups such as its Executive Committee, a group of 15 that directs and controls the party. Twelfth, the PPP fosters functional superiority where an incompetent who is loyal must be put on a pedestal by the general membership simply because he has ingratiated himself with those who were handpicked for power. The incompetent serving as a minister or as a party executive must not be questioned and must be embraced at all costs. This is classic functional superiority and leads to party totalitarianism. Mr Jagdeo who could not hold a candle to men like Mr Nagamootoo and Mr Ramkarran within the PPP obtained functional superiority over these giants by an innately undemocratic selection process led by Janet Jagan. The same could be said for Donald Ramotar’s selection as the PPP’s presidential candidate. Thirteenth, the PPP has planted some fears in its supporters such as don’t-split-the-vote and unity-at-all-costs to detract PPP supporters from the real problem of internal dictatorship.

There is nothing wrong in the PPP having an internal revolution akin to what occurred in the PNC after its 2006 election debacle. Despite its continuing flaws, the PNC has become more democratic than the PPP and has elected its presidential candidate in a far more transparent process than the PPP. It is quite ironic that PPP supporters who complained bitterly about the PNC dictatorship had nothing to say about the PPP’s own internal dictatorship. The PPP supporters must demand democracy within the PPP before it wrecks itself. It is not only the loss of Indian support that internal authoritarianism brings, it is the loss of ethnic crossover voters who are necessary for the PPP to win a majority.

Yours faithfully,
M Maxwell

Nagamootoo fires back at PPP ‘King Liars’

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…says it’s a “pussur-pussur lie” to claim he was not named a possible successor to Dr Jagan
The charismatic Alliance for Change (AFC) convert, Moses Nagamootoo, has fired back at leaders of the incumbent People’s Progress Party (PPP), who have leveled serious allegations, or what he calls “lies” against him.
Nagamootoo, who spent decades in the PPP but left after citing corruption and other issues, has been a favourite punching back for the PPP at its meetings.
But in a stern rebuttal, Nagamootoo said that several lies have been cast upon him by leaders of the PPP. Among the thorniest issues has been Nagamootoo’s claim that he was seen by party founder Dr Cheddi Jagan as his possible successor.
The PPP has denied Nagamootoo’s claim that Dr Jagan had named him in November 1996 to be his possible successor.
Nagamootoo said that on May 18, 2004, he reminded Ramotar in a letter that “(t)here should be no myth about what Cheddi Jagan said at Lethem. I want to see Robert Persaud going on record on this issue. He was there!”
“Jagdeo and Ramotar never before denied what Dr. Jagan said. Ramotar tried to give it a ‘twist’”.
The former PPP member quoted a June, 8 2004 in which Ramotar wrote to him on the issue.
“It is clear that Cde. Cheddi must have been saying that when he is no longer available the Party would be in good hands because it has capable leaders. He must have mentioned you in that context,” Ramotar was quoted as saying. Therefore, Nagamootoo concluded that Ramotar never denied what Cheddi Jagan said, but only gave it his own twist.
President Jagdeo has claimed that one John Silas said to him that Cheddi Jagan never named Nagamootoo as his successor. That, Nagamootoo said, is a “pussur-pussur lie!” He said John Silas was not at the Lethem meeting.
Nagamootoo said that he is on record as writing Ramotar, in his capacity as PPP General Secretary, that he would have known that upon his return to Georgetown, he was summoned to an emergency Executive Committee meeting at Freedom House, to which Party Organiser John Silas, who was not an ExCo member, was invited to.

Moses Nagamootoo
Nagamootoo said that Mrs Janet Jagan demanded that he explain what happed at Lethem.
He said that he related what Dr Jagan said, and his reaction to that by suppressing publication of the remarks that he could possibly be a replacement for Dr Jagan at the 1997 elections.
“I explained why I had an angry argument with the Organiser [John Silas] for being absent from the meeting, when the microphones broke down; how, when he told me that I had no authority to question him, I chided him for not hearing what Comrade Cheddi had said, and how I added sarcastically ‘You could be looking at the next president!’”
“I added in my letter that Comrade Cheddi was within hearing distance in the next room, while that brawl was going on.”
Nagamootoo said the matter was never again raised in his presence with Dr Jagan.
“I was to be at his side until the fateful day that he was flown out from Guyana during February 1997, only to die days later. He never denied what he had said at Lethem. End of story.”
Nagamootoo has also been accused of being a candidate of Balram Singh Rai’s Justice Party in 1964 that helped removed the PPP from office and left that party in the cold for 28 years.
The PPP has warned its supporters about a “conspiracy” by the AFC and the opposition alliance APNU to group together and oust the PPP from the seat of government or at least cause it to lose the 19-year control it has had on the National Assembly.
In 1964, the United Force joined the PNC (which is now the major pillar of APNU) to put the PPP out of office.
Nagamootoo, however claimed that he was no candidate with Balram Singh Rai’s Justice Party. He said that he was 17-years-old in 1964 and hence was too young to vote, since the voting age was 21.
“I was too young to be on the Voters’ List; too young to vote. How on earth could I have been a candidate for any party?”
Nagamootoo explained that he joined the PPP on October 3, 1964, and served for an unbroken period until his resignation in September this year. In fact, he said that in 1991, he was conferred with a Meritorious
Award for serving the PPP with distinction continuously for over 25 years and that that certificate was signed by party founder Cheddi Jagan and current general secretary Donald Ramotar.
Another lie Nagamootoo said was being levelled against him is that in 1976, he was about to join the PNC along with Ranji Chandisingh, Vincent Teekah, Halim Majeed. He revealed that during 1975-1977, he favoured talks with the PNC, as advocated by Dr Jagan.
Nagamootoo said that others, who opposed cooperation, rigged the 1976 elections of the party’s youth arm so as to oust several “pro-talks” young leaders.
“I was dissatisfied but never left the PPP even though inducements were made to me by L.F.S. Burnham, Chandisingh and others.
Later, threats were used against me, but I refused to betray my leader and my party,” Nagamootoo claimed.
Nagamootoo denied talk by PPP leaders, including President Bharrat Jagdeo and presidential candidate Donald Ramotar, that he left the PPP because he lost the nomination to be the incumbent party’s presidential candidate.
Nagamootoo said he withdrew from “the rigged process” where party members were excluded from choosing a candidate.
He said Ramotar was hand-picked by “a gang” within the Central Committee, the highest decision making forum within the party.
Nagamootoo had refused to appear before this body, saying that it had no mandate to select a candidate.
“There was no election. Only a rigged selection,” he charged.
President Jagdeo, Nagamootoo claimed, had repeatedly said that he, Nagamootoo, lied on Mrs Jagan as she never promised that he should be Vice-President of Guyana.
However, Nagamootoo said that twice when the issue came up, Mrs. Jagan said she could not remember. “At 80 plus, it is fine not to remember. But she never denied. She never said that I lied on her,” Nagamootoo claimed.
Mere days before her death, Nagamootoo said that Mrs Jagan, his mentor as journalist, on March 5, 2009, in her own handwriting, sent a note to him, with words of appreciation and fraternal affection.
“She took pains
to scribble that note, telling me that her hand was in cast as she had broken her shoulder. Would she have done that if she felt that I had lied on her?”
Nagamootoo said that Mrs Jagan had done so on many previous occasions, embracing his work as she did on 27th May, 2008 when she lauded his tribute to militant women in the Guyanese struggle:
Nagamootoo also debunked that claim that Ramotar did nothing for the PPP in the last 10 years.
It is the same Ramotar, Nagamootoo said, who wrote him on June 8, 2004 in great appreciation, saying: “Your suggestions and contributions to debates have always been valued and I and the Party leadership look forward to your continued contribution.”
In addition, Nagamootoo quoted a July 21, 2006, press release in which Ramotar announced that “the Executive Committee expects that Mr. Nagamootoo will shortly resume his useful role in the party.”
Nagamootoo also took on Dr Joey Jagan, whom has accused him of being a soup drinker, a vagabond and an opportunist.
“What soup-drinker would leave a teaching job earning $180 monthly in 1970 to work for $114 as a journalist at Mirror, staying on for the next 22 years at the side of Janet Jagan, my editor?
“Which soup-drinker and opportunist would remain loyally at the side of Cheddi Jagan in the PPP for the unbroken 28 years in opposition under Burnham, and then another 12 years under Bharrat, and completed the proverbial 40 wilderness years?
“I resigned twice as Government Minister in 1993 and again in 2000. A ministerial portfolio held no soup for me,” Nagamootoo declared.
He said he left “the throne for the mudflat; I gave up privileges, perks and positions.”
When he was in Cabinet, Nagamootoo said he opposed the increase in Ministers’ salaries, but was out-voted.
He said he refused a national award when he was recommended by Cheddi Jagan, and when he became Minister, he refused to leave his humble house to live in a state-sponsored house.
Nagamootoo said that he never travelled on a first-class air ticket, nor stayed at hotels overseas at government’s expense.
He said he refused a $15 million loan from Jagdeo to buy a personal Prado, and choose instead to drive around in a second-hand government jeep.
In addition, Nagamootoo claimed that while he worked as journalist for a foreign agency between 1985 and 1992, he donated his entire salary to the PPP to help pay decent wages to party organisers.
“I am humbled to have attracted such great attention for my life’s work.
“I wish I could have taken these garlands of thorns to my grave — Judas, soup-drinker, traitor, neemakharaam, laurra, gutless, visionless, loser, vagabond, hypocrite, naga-dog, naga-goose, labaria, opportunist, ochro, etc.
“Except, these are all lies, dirty lies.”

Moses Nagamotoo continues to expose PPP corruption

November 12, 2011 3 comments

AFC to implement enquiry into assets of Govt. officials -Nagamotoo

Levelling charges of corruption from top to bottom by Government officials, the Alliances For Change (AFC) did not mince words even as a PPP/C canter with loud music interrupted the meeting at the Parika Junction last evening.
In attendance were Presidential Candidate of the AFC Khemraj Ramjattan, Moses Nagamotoo, AFC economist Sasenarine Singh and Rajendra Bissessar.
Moses Nagamotoo who lambasted President Bharrat Jagdeo said that many persons are not pleased with the actions of the government, especially after he Nagamootoo spent 50 years of his life trying to bring about changes while he was serving in the PPP/C.
“After Cheddi Jagan died they made it difficult for me to be a part of the party because every day we have seen the corruption growing more and more, and no one can criticize Jagdeo and the Government apart from him buying over the leadership of the party.
“People started to become silent because he controlled the contracts, he controlled the resources of the state and then he tried to control the party of Cheddi Jagan so that he can rule the PPP his way,” Nagamotoo declared.

Presidential Candidate of the AFC Khemraj Ramjattan interacting with persons at the meeting.
Taking a swipe at Housing Minister Irfaan Alli, Moses Nagamootoo said that he just made it into the Government after working in the State Planning Secretariat. “Ask him how many houses he has, how many properties this little boy has in Leonora, in Georgetown and in other places.”
Moses promised that when an AFC Government is elected there will be a commission to enquire into the assets of top officials in the Government who cannot show how their wealth was gained.
Presidential Candidate of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan, said that it is shocking that the behaviour of the outgoing president is so ludicrous.
He said that instead of the president focusing on issues Jagdeo is rather focusing on personalities, while after his exit from office he would be entitled to a $100,000 a day which would give him $3M a month. “You however, will receive a pension until you are 65 before you can get $250 a day.”
AFC economist Sasenarine Singh said that the wealth of the nation is approximately US$2B a year of which 90 per cent circulates in 10 per cent of the population’s hands.
He said that only if one is a part of the Government cabal only then you can receive crumbs from their table.
Underscoring, that there are many issues facing farmers, Singh said that the people have to make a cultured decision since many underhand deals are affecting the livelihood of the hardworking people in the country.

Guyanese are waking up from the long slumber since independence

October 31, 2011 1 comment
October 30, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Letters

Dear Editor,

My letter is of particular importance for consideration by my Guyanese sisters and brothers. I am fully aware that the Alliance for Change (AFC) is making remarkable progress in getting its message across to the Guyanese people and in particular, to the young people who would be voting for the first time and whose votes would be the deciding factor in the upcoming elections.
Given all the brilliant minds that Guyana has produced, why is it that we remain a lost people in search of a new home, mainly in North America. The answer is very simple, we have not had the right leadership prior to and following Independence. We have had good leaders in the past but unfortunately they were preoccupied with self interest. Hence, they divided the country racially and no serious attempt has been made by anyone subsequently to heal this division between the various race groups resulting in Guyana maintaining its status as a backward country with backward leaders.
Mr. Jagdeo as a young man had the golden opportunity of succeeding in bringing the people together to develop this country following the last election as he was not part of the destructive elements of the past but he failed miserably and would go down in history as the worst leader in Guyana’s history. Dr. Jagan was an honorable man and certainly not a dictator. Mr. Jagdeo grew up during Mr. Burnham’s reign and hence, he has been emulating some of the negative attributes of Forbes Burnham. Unfortunately, Mr. Jagdeo is politically naïve and devoid of Mr. Burnham’s intellect. Mr. Jagdeo is very good at ‘cussing out’ and trying to humiliate Guyanese. He truly lacks the dignity of a President.
We must remember that the PPP/C did not win the election in 1992; the PNC lost that election as we wanted change, given the atrocities of the PNC. The fall of the Berlin Wall had a cascading effect and the US decided to do the honorable thing and facilitated free and fair elections. Because of Dr. Jagan’s inviting personality Guyana had the glorious opportunity of rising from the dead but he was aging and did not have the strength to satisfy the needs of Guyana. The intellectual minds that supported him in the 60’s had disappeared to other shores, namely Balram Singh Rai, Sir Fenton Ramsahoye and others who were not communists. He was then stuck with the bankrupt and corrupt intellect of the cabal in Freedom House.
I certainly remember when it took over two hours to travel by road to the Cheddi Jagan Airport from Georgetown because of the poor state of the road, so there has been some progress made since 1992 but the corruption under the Jagdeo’s presidency is unprecedented and phenomenal. Look at the economic well-being of the Jagdeo clan and judge for yourselves. I recall when one minister was a taxi driver just before he was adopted by the PPP/C and take a careful look at what he owns now. He has now left his party and joined the PPP/C’s cabal. Open your eyes and look at the homes in Pradoville 1, and in particular, the first one on the right painted blue. Look at the mansion that Mr. Jagdeo is building at Pradoville 2. Calculate the cost of erecting such a building against his salary as President. We are not all as gullible as you think Mr. President.
Donald Ramotar said that he will follow the policies of Jagdeo. So where are we really going? The retention of Sam Hinds is only temporary. Sam Hinds will resign shortly and Robert Persaud or Jagdeo will become Prime Minister. Jagdeo will not let go of power easily and hence, he did not want Ralph Ramkarran or Moses Nagamootoo as the presidential candidate as they have minds of their own and he would not be able to manipulate these two gentlemen. Donald Ramotar and the others will do as Jagdeo says as they lack the intellect to think for themselves. Wake up Guyana.
Some of us cannot think outside of the box of the PPP/C and PNC (APNU). We need to put Guyana first and foremost in our minds. The AFC has honest and capable leaders without criminal pasts and is the best option for Guyana. The names of Khemraj Ramjattan, Raphael Trotman, Moses Nagamootoo, Cathy Hughes etc; certainly give me hope for the future of Guyana and all Guyanese.  It is the only political party in the upcoming elections without a negative past. Our young people need jobs so vote for change. It is important to mention that I am not a member of any political party but Guyana is my home.
A Concerned Guyanese

Clement Rohee speaks: The circus goes on

October 30, 2011 1 comment
October 28, 2011 | By KNews| Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

My name is Frederick Kissoon, Minister Rohee. As a social analyst with both the print and electronic media (have been so since 1988), I have to engage in mainstream journalism, particularly the investigative aspects. My journalistic investigations, Mr. Rohee, revealed that there is an unpleasant reason why you could not receive an American visa (any type, both non-immigrant and diplomatic) for six months. Can you please, tell the media and the Guyanese people why you could not?
I am kindly asking you to do so and will insist that you do so, because you are asking my fellow Guyanese to vote for you. That brings into the picture an enormous obligation to be forthright with the citizens of this country. If you cannot fulfill your obligation to us then, Mr. Rohee, I believe that you should resign from public life immediately. Before I move off this topic, I call upon you once more to offer the reason why you could not receive any type of American visa for six continuous months.
I know the reason, Mr. Rohee. Please do not force me to disclose it publicly. Even if the newspapers do not want to print my knowledge of this particular episode, I will do so at the public meeting that is scheduled for this evening at Stabroek Market Square under the umbrella of the Committee for Human Rights and Free and Fair Elections. I am listed as one of the speakers. I am giving you up to 17.00 hours to inform the nation.
I have another question, but it is not as searching as my visa curiosity. Here we go, Mr. Rohee. I have been told (and I could be wrong; my source is not mediocre but I will publicly apologize if I am not correct) that you are into business and may be an investor in a seawall venture. I don’t know if you are. Nothing is wrong with a Minister having business interests. Do you have such interests, Mr. Rohee?
I hope you know, Mr. Rohee, that I am merely doing my job as a media practitioner. I think you will agree that I have a readership and I have an obligation to them to interpret the news for them. This is what columnists do.
Let me move on to your reaction to Moses Nagamootoo. No politician can be that comical to say what you uttered about Mr. Nagamootoo. You are quoted in as describing Mr. Nagamootoo in the following way; “I am also saying that he doesn’t seem to have any principles, because a person with principles stays in the family.”
Are you serious, Mr. Rohee? Are you for real, Mr. Rohee? Don’t you know that you will appear comical to all those who read this particular fulmination of yours about Mr. Nagamootoo?
Which family are you talking about Mr. Rohee? Someone with intellectual reach should have warned you about the epistemological basis of words. I don’t think you should have used the word “family.” In the Guyanese political context, it has a foul meaning. As a matter of fact, in mainstream journalism, the word is often used to portray mafia connections.
It would have been better if you had said; “an organization he was a biological part of,” but surely not “family.”
Why do you think, Mr Rohee, that the Department of Justice in the US granted permanent stay to Captain Clarke who faced trial for cocaine trafficking?
Well, Mr. Rohee, it seems that you have no other option than to ask your boss (Hey, wasn’t he in napkins when you, Moses, Ralph Ramkarran and others were leading the PPP’s fight against Burnham’s dictatorship? How come, Mr. Jagdeo is now senior to you?), Mr. Jagdeo, to terminate the employment of Odinga Lumumba. He jumped from the PNC into Mr. Jagdeo’s lap. I guess Kwame Mc Coy has to go too. He jumped from the PNC into Mr. Jagdeo’s lap too. Manniram Prashad was also with the PNC.
So I guess you will have to get rid of Joseph Hamilton and Dr. Emmanuel Cummings because they were in the PNC. Before I go, Mr. Rohee, I would advise you not to say anything further during the election campaign. You are making the PPP look like a circus. I suppose you would say that Mr. Jagdeo is doing that more than you. Well, it’s two of you.

Moses Nagamootoo a true Guyanese patriot & hero

October 24, 2011 4 comments

35 North Road & King Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, GUYANA.
Tel/Fax: 592-223-6313
Tel: 592-612-1087

24th October, 2011

Mr. Donald Ramotar
General Secretary
People’s Progressive Party
Freedom House
Robb Street, Lacytown

Dear General Secretary,


The purpose of this letter is to announce my resignation from the Central Committee and as a member of the PPP with immediate effect.
Further, I confirm what I told you on October 1, 2011, that I would not subscribe my name to the PPP’s List of Candidates for the 2011 National Elections, nor would I feature on the party’s platform. My position therefore is irreversible.
I therefore request that the PPP/Civic refrain from further using my speeches and interviews from previous campaigns, and distorting same, to fool my supporters and the Guyanese electorate that I am campaigning in 2011 for the PPP/C.
I have now brought closure to my association with the PPP, which started 50 years ago in 1961, though I did not become a member until October, 1964. I came through the ranks to become Vice-Chairman of the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO), Secretary of the National Students Committee, Member of the PPP Central/Executive Committees and Secretariat; and Member of Parliament/Minister of Government.

I have always used my vast experience and knowledge in various positions to benefit the party and our people. I now walk with clean hands and a clear conscience.
I have been critical inside the party as I have been bold outside, in the prosecution of our struggles and efforts to make our Guyana a better place. In more recent years, I had taken a consistent stand over erosion of internal democracy, corrupt practices, security lapses and arrogant, autocratic leadership.
During 2004-2006, serious disagreements over corruption and national policies led to my withdrawal from the party leadership, but I returned to the 2006 elections platform to preserve party unity, and to defend the gains we have made from struggles and sacrifices of our supporters.
I stand by every single word that I had uttered in 2006 – that the PPP was my home; that we shared a vision for the future based on Cheddi Jagan’s core principles, which could be summarized in two words – “lean” and “clean”. Unfortunately, the leadership has betrayed its promises as well as these values. As much as I loved our “home”, there was just no space for me to help make it accountable, responsible and free from corruption. The recent, awful disclosures by WikiLeaks should at least remind the leadership that “Moses had told us so!”
I was hounded from the party leadership. For protesting against wrong-doings I was deemed to have resigned from the party’s Executive Committee. Then after the 2008 Congress, I was excluded by devious methods.
I have lost all faith in the current leadership. My association with the party has been compromised, and I can no longer in good conscience remain on the Central Committee or serve as a party member. I will not condone or be a part of any bullying, corruption and authoritarianism, more especially when these decaying practices emerged inside the organization to which I had dedicated all my life and to which I have given my finest efforts as activist, journalist and government minister.
The most grievous of these practices were public attacks on me for standing up against the threat to derecognize the sugar workers union, GAWU, and the exclusion of party members in what was a flaw-dulent process by which the presidential candidate for the 2011 elections was selected. The elementary practice of consultation was derailed.
My fight for political democracy was not against any personality but about principles and procedures and, above all, for the preservation of the integrity of the party. But I was nevertheless publicly maligned, labeled a “loser”, and bulldozed.
I had come to the conclusion that a cabal had hijacked the PPP to serve narrow agendas of personal power, privileges, perks and pensions over dedicated duty to our people.
Since I first entered politics in 1961, I have travelled the long, bumpy and sometimes, treacherous road. I am proud that I took the stand that I did, against dictatorship, for unity, democracy, press freedom and good governance.
Though our work has begun, my dream for a developed, prosperous and secured land remains unfulfilled. So I give notice that I will continue to serve my beloved Guyana. I promise to work with all patriots to bring healing, unity and lasting peace to our nation; to make our country grow, and to provide bread with equality and justice for all our people; to meaningfully help the poor, powerless and marginalized, and give hope and security to our new generation.

Yours sincerely,

Moses V. Nagamootoo