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People sent on a long expensive trip before getting their passport

June 6, 2011 1 comment

The difficulties passport applicants face


Dear Editor,
I hope that somebody in authority reading this letter can take some action in relation to the actions of certain taxi drivers in front of the Passport Office on Camp Street,
Georgetown. These guys are really exploiting persons who go to that office without their own transportation. Here are a few examples of their exploits;
1. From the Passport Office on Camp Street to the Post Office on Carmichael Street to purchase a $300 stamp, I had to pay a taxi driver $800.
2. To go from the Passport Office to a photo studio and back again $800.
3. They sell a photo copy passport form for $300.
4. They promise applicants that for a payment of $5000 they can arrange for applicants to receive their passports five days after application, when in fact the Office take five days to process and deliver passports.
5. They always claim to know a solution to a problem so they take applicants to some office. The problem is not solved, but the applicant has to pay them.
I know all this because I was there for half a day. I experienced some and observe some. The difficulties of an applicant are even compounded by the attitude of some Immigration Officers, some are helpful, some are not and some do not know the basic about the passport application form. Some are rude.
They will say go and bring an Affidavit or new photograph. Often people come from out of Georgetown and if they ask where to locate a photo studio or photo copy office. They are told go and ask a taxi driver.
My advice to passport applicants is, avoid using the taxis around the Passport Office. All the offices you may need to visit are within walking distance. Save some money.
Telma Glasgow

This is the easiest way the Guyana Government can find to deter people from running from Guyana