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Guyana media mum on Minister Robeson Benn’s son accused woman beater being stabbed

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Robeson Benn son accused of being a chronic woman beater was stabbed after one of his victims have had enough, the victim reached out to the Minister Priya Manickchand who continues to be a lame duck when it comes to protecting women being abused by PPP/C officials and their cronies. As usual state media NCN, Guyana Times and Chronicle will not print these incidents, and it seems the private media houses are scared the government will penalize them.

Is it any surprise Guyana government is welcoming woman beater Bobby Brown to entertain them?


Mortgage parasite & Bharrat Jagdeo crony Ed Ahmad pleads guilty

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Guyanese Ed Ahmad pleads guilty to mortgage fraud in New York court
Written by Demerara Waves
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 13:59

New York-based Realtor, Ed Ahmad on Wedneday pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud and could face up to 13 years imprisonment.
Ahmad, who was indicted on a US$50 million mortgage fraud, handed in his guilty plea at 12:08 (New York time), less than one month after he entered a plea bargain.
Ahmad, a former member of the Guyana Police Force, plead guilty to count one of his indictment when he appeared before Judge Dora Irazarry.
The New York court would soon issue a schedule leading up to the sentencing.
US Attorney Alexander A. Solomon indicated that the prosecution would be seeking 121 to 151 months jail terms- the equivalent to about 10-12 years 7 months., a few short of 13 years. The financial penalties totalling US$42 million include US$14 million in restitution, US$28 million in criminal fine and a mandatory criminal forfeiture of US$500,000.
Defense Attorney, Steven R. Kartagener indicated that he would contest the actual amount of the monetary loss Ahmad is responsible for, a move that could possibly result in a reduction in the monetary penalties. The two sides are expected to argue and make written submissions between now and the date of sentencing.
The criminal fine and restitution are based on the government’s estimate of loss in the amount of US$14 million. The criminal fine is twice the gross loss. Restitution is in addition to criminal fine. . Between now and sentencing the parties are expected to argue and make submissions on the actual amount of monetary loss
Ahmad, a close friend of former Guyana President Bharrat Jagdeo, was visibly nervous and spoke with a broken voice.
He plead guilty to count one of bank and wire fraud and said his attorney had no viable defence. The offence included conspiracy to defraud various lending institutions by doing false appraisals of the values of properties.
The offences were committed between January 1995 and January 2009.
In 2011, Ahmad was reportedly removed from a Guyanese-bound airplane on the tarmac at JFK airport by the FBI and was indicted in connection with a massive $50 million mortgage fraud scheme.
Ahmad’s financial dealings have been also caught up in New York’s politics. Ahmad made a $40,000 payment to Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) in 2007 that the Congressman failed to disclose on his Financial Disclosure Reports for 2007, 2008, and 2009. Meeks subsequently claimed the $40,000 payment was a loan, but there were no note or payments until several years after the payment was made. Last year the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate the matter. The OCE reported that Rep. Meeks “refused to cooperate with the OCE’s investigation.

Guyana Commissioner of Police Henry Greene forced out after rape allegations

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Henry Greene forced out after rape allegations

April 5, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News

Embattled Commissioner of Police Henry Greene’s resignation has been finalized;

Henry Greene

ending months of speculation over his continued tenure as the country’s Top Cop in the face of rape allegations made by a 34-year-old mother of two.
While senior government officials have declined to confirm Greene’s departure, Greene was offering ‘no comment’ to queries from various sections of the media.
The latest call for his ouster came from former Minister of Human Services and Social Security Priya Manickchand, who was responsible for piloting the new Sexual Offences Act of 2010.
Manickchand, who is now Minister of Education, is the highest ranking government official so far to call for Greene to step down.
Yesterday, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee refused to confirm reports of Greene’s resignation, advising that the administration was likely to issue an official statement on the matter.
He also advised this newspaper to contact Greene himself.
Two days ago Rohee said that the jury was still out on Greene’s return to the top police post.
Acting Commissioner Leroy Brumell also declined to comment when approached by this newspaper.
Greene, who is over the age of retirement, had been on administrative leave since December 17, last year, to facilitate the investigation into the allegation made against him.
In what eventually turned out to be the scandal of the year, the 34-year-old woman alleged that she was raped by the Commissioner of Police at a city hotel.
The woman alleged that she was forced to have sex with Greene after she was induced with cash and a promise to assist her in a matter that is presently engaging the attention of the police.
Greene had dismissed the woman’s claims as mere allegations and had declared that god will be his judge, although he later admitted to having consensual sex with her.
Following weeks of investigations by a team of detectives from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, under the supervision of Crime Chief Seelall Persaud, the Director of Public Prosecution advised that Greene be charged with rape.
However, Greene successfully got the High Court to overturn the DPP’s advice with Chief Justice Ian Chang ruling that the decision to charge Greene was irrational.
Greene’s admission to having consensual sex with the woman was another major bone of contention, since it is being argued that he used his office in an improper manner.
The first to call for his resignation was his predecessor Winston Felix, who had told the media that it would have been the most honourable thing to do.
Felix’s call was followed by others from the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers and other women’s groups, and the main opposition political parties, the Alliance For Change and A Partnership for National Unity.
In December last year, AFC leaders Raphael Trotman and Khemraj Ramjattan called for Greene’s immediate removal from office.
“As a matter of fact, based on what we have heard, we feel that he ought to tender his resignation or the President ought to dismiss him….but at the very least at this stage… an interdiction,” Ramjattan had stated.
Trotman, commenting on the issue had declared that the matter was the first real test for newly elected Head of State Donald Ramotar.
The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) had also condemned Greene’s actions and had called on the administration to remove him as the Commissioner of Police.
“It is reasonable to conclude that Mr. Greene has in fact lost the moral authority to lead the Guyana Police Force and should therefore no longer be required to so do,” the GAWL said.
APNU had this to say: “In renewing our call we wish to remind the Guyanese public that having passed the age of retirement Mr. Greene is no longer the constitutional holder of the office of Commissioner of Police rather he is an employee/servant of the Government and as such he can be removed forthwith.”
This is not the first time that Greene’s name has been embroiled in a controversial issue which has threatened his tenure as the country’s chief lawman
In fact, his first day on the job, six years ago, was greeted with the announcement that the United States of America had revoked his visa to that country.
The Bharrat Jagdeo Government did not budge and retained him even in the face of severe criticism from several sections of the society.
They later argued that the decision to appoint Greene as Commissioner of Police was justified when, at the helm of the force, he presided over the demise of the infamous Rondell ‘Fine Man’ Rawlins and his criminal gang.
Greene’s tenure as the Commissioner of Police was extended after he had reached the age of retirement three years ago.


Relatives accuse Guyana police of stalling rape case

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-police say “due process” is being followed
Relatives of a 12-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped, are very upset with the actions of the police ranks at the Anna Regina Police Station.
They are far from pleased with the actions of the officers claiming that the matter is being dealt with in a “slow manner” and thus stalling the outcome of the case.
Reports are that the young girl and the 16-year-old boy attend the same secondary school on the Essequibo Coast. The girl is a first form student and the boy is in fifth form.
On February 9, last, the victim and the suspect were said to have left their school at 15:00hr and were walking along the seawalls when the incident took place.
According to the girl’s aunt, the matter was reported to the police at the Anna Regina Police Station the same day.
“My niece come home and tell me what happen and I took her to the station where a report was made. But this boy uncle works there and they seem to be taking so long to deal with the matter. It hasn’t been called up. No court matter and the boy not arrested and I don’t know if it is being covered up,” complained the aunt.
Kaieteur News contacted the police on Friday and was told by a senior officer that the matter was “following due process.”
The officer noted that while the report was made at the police station, the matter must be dealt with accordingly, therefore the actions of the police have to follow a certain process.
“We had to take handwritten statements from everyone, peruse them, type them out and investigate too. Then send the file to the Director of Public Prosecution’s office for advice and so on. We are presently in a process. The matter is not being covered up. It is being dealt with accordingly,” stated the police man.
The girl’s aunt is certain that it was not consensual sex because her niece explained to her that she did not “give consent” to the suspect.
According to the aunt, the two students were friends for a short time, since they only met when the girl started attending classes there during September.

Henry Greene should have been dismissed, not charged- sources

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Written by Denis Scott Chabrol
Sunday, 12 February 2012 17:17

greeneJamaican and Guyanese investigators did not find sufficient evidence to prove a clear case of rape against Police Commissioner, Henry Greene but they had recommended that he be dismissed, according to well-placed sources.

At the heart of their position were several inconsistencies by the 34-year old woman who has accused him of rape. Among the inconsistencies, Demerara Waves Online News ( was told, was the duration of the sexual intercourse ranging from 45 minutes to four hours.

A hearing into court action brought by Greene to block police from charging him for rape is scheduled for February 20, 2012 before Chief Justice Ian Chang.

The source noted that the investigators recommended that Greene be removed from office because of indiscretions while being the Police Commissioner. The team frowned on the fact that he had sexual intercourse with someone who had gone to him for assistance. At the same time, the varied accounts by the woman did not provide the team with a clear-cut case to support her allegation of rape.

The constitution provides for the removal of a Police Commissioner if he or she is deemed unfit to remain in office. Greene has already reached retirement age.

The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) and the opposition Alliance For Change (AFC) have said that by Greene’s own admission he should no longer remain in office.  The Guyana government has also expressed concern.

Greene, in seeking a High Court order to block police from charging him with rape, has already pointed out that his lawyers have not seen all the statements that investigators have obtained from the woman.

The Police Commissioner wants the High Court to quash the advice by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) that he be charged and block Acting Police Commissioner, Leroy Brumell and Assistant Commissioner, Seelall Persaud from charging him.

Other sources say the allegation by the woman might have stemmed from Greene’s failed promise to assist the Victoria, East Coast Demerara-based woman to complete construction work on house where he had taken her after what he said was “consensual” sexual intercourse with her at a city hotel.

A team of senior Jamaican police officers had visited Guyana to work along with their local counterparts in conducting the investigation. Greene remains on special leave.

The Police Commissioner, himself a Caribbean-trained lawyer, has stated in his Originating Notice of Motion that “When we arrived at her home she identified her mother who was on the verandah. She also showed me an unfinished building which she said was her own. After she identified her home he told me that she was sure I can use my influence to get back her phone to her.”

Greene wants the court to find that the DPP’s advice was “irrational, unreasonable, unfair, unlawful, unconstitutional, null and void and of no legal effect.”

“The applicant ought not to be prosecuted for the offence charged in as much as the evidential test that there is sufficient evidence to provide a “realistic prospect of conviction” was not met,” according to the Originating Notice of Motion.

Attacking the credibility of the complainant, he said she was the subject of a police investigation into extortion.

He has, however, conceded having sexual intercourse after she had told him that she wanted to meet him socially. They, according to the Police Commissioner, did so on November 22, 2011 at the Police Officers Mess and later agreed to go somewhere private.

Greene has denied having a gun in possession on that date, disputing the woman’s claims that he had a gun in his possession while at the hotel.

The Police Commissioner said the complainant had gone to him to ascertain progress in investigations into an allegation against her on November 15, 2011. She later returned on November 22 to follow up on her original inquiry and sought Greene’s intervention in gaining access to a cellular phone to acquire a number for friends in Trinidad.

Greene recalled telling her that doing so was impossible because the matter was still the subject of an investigation and that she would have to await the DPP’s decision.

Guyana Police receive reports of death threats against mom of alleged Masjid abuse victims

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February 3, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News

CIOG Imam of many names Neziaam Ali, Nezaam Ali, Nizam Ali

Police have received reports that the mother of four of the boys in the sex-abuse case involving a Muslin scholar has received threats to her life.
The woman, who lives in a depressed community, has alleged that she was threatened yesterday by two members of the Turkeyen Masjid that has come under unwelcome scrutiny in the wake of a string of sexual abuse allegations that have been leveled against a senior member.
Kaieteur News understands that the woman has told police that she had just exited a bus near the Masjid at around 19:00 hrs yesterday when the two men approached her.
According to the woman’s statement, one of the men told her “yuh judgment gun red.”
She was reportedly also told that “my body gun drop and he will chop off my second son’s head.”
She subsequently made a report at the Turkeyen Police Station.
Kaieteur News understands that the ranks contacted the Sparendaam Police with a view of arresting the men, but were told that no vehicle was available at the time.


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CIOG Imam Nizam Ali remanded to prison on three counts of sexual molestation

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Imam remanded to prison on three counts of sexual molestation

February 3, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News

After some two hours in the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court, the Imam at the center of a child sexual

The accused Imam covers his face from photographer after leaving the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.

molestation case was remanded to prison.
The Imam, 30 year-old Nizam Ali of Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara made his appearance early yesterday morning before Magistrate Alex Moore, charged with three counts of sexual penetration to a boy under the age of 12.

Nizam Ali

It is alleged that between December 2011 and January 2012, Ali also called ‘Mufti’, at ‘A’ Field Sophia, allegedly engaged in sexual penetration of a boy under the age of 12.
The acts were allegedly committed while he was in a position of trust, being a religious teacher and knew or could be reasonably expected to have known of the trust in relation to the boys.
The charge was indictable and the Imam was not required to plea. After lengthy back-and-forth arguments between his lawyers, Vic Puran and Latchmi Ranhamat and police Prosecutor Sergeant Brown on the question of bail, the hearing which was called in-camera came to an end. The Imam was remanded to prison until February 9th.
Meanwhile before the matter got underway, the Imam who was on station bail, arrived at the court with his mother, clad in a burgundy t-shit and a pair of grey jeans. Having realized that cameras were around, his mother tried her best to shield him while hurling threats at a reporter.
“Leave my son alone. don’t take he damn picture,” she shouted.
The woman then hid her son’s face under her arm as she ran with him up the court stairs. Once in court the woman gave her son a white rag as he sat as if he was praying.
Two short matters were called before Attorney at law Vic Puran asked to indulge the Magistrate’s attention to the Imam’s matter.
At that point all who had gathered in the courtroom were asked to exit as the matter was being done in-camera. It was only at that point persons were alerted that the man was the Imam they had been reading about for the past two weeks.
The reporters who were previously feeling the brunt of unkind remarks from persons were “cut some slack”.
“Y’all doing a good job. Y’all got to take his picture so everybody can see who this sick man is,” one man lamented.
As the Imam exited the courtroom two hours later, persons hurled distasteful remarks at him as he tried his best to hide his face.  Even persons who had gathered along the roadside had tried to enter the courtroom to get a glimpse of him.
Meanwhile, relatives of some of the victims who were also at the court yesterday expressed their satisfaction over the progress that has been made in the matter.
“We don’t know what will come out but at least we are satisfied that he did not get bail.”
The charges have brought an end to widespread speculation that the investigation was compromised by the alleged involvement of the Director of Public Prosecution, Shalimar Ali-Hack.
However, the DPP had withdrawn herself from the process after denying that she had contacted police officials to secure bail for the suspect.
In all, seven boys were confirmed to have been sexually molested and it is very likely that more charges will follow.
The case against Alli had taken an interesting twist last week when, following the intervention of his attorney, investigators were advised to ascertain that the suspect was in Guyana when it is alleged that he committed the acts.
The Child Protection Agency (CPA) had said that it was prepared to work with the boys who claim they had been sexually molested.
The Agency had questioned the delay in instituting charges against the Imam, since the victims had already been examined and were confirmed to have been molested.
But the Guyana Police Force (GPF) said that the delays were aimed at ensuring that a proper investigation was conducted.
The offences were allegedly committed between December 2011 and January 2012 by the Imam at a Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara mosque, where the boys had been attending Arabic and Koran classes.