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I still cannot believe that Guyanese are this slow & thick in the head

Some things have to be spelt out

 March 6, 2014 · By Staff Writer

Dear Editor,

I still cannot believe that Guyanese are this slow and thick in the head.  Do they really need Lear jets, car accidents, and police derelictin to drive home their status, or lack of any, in this society?  Since some things have to be spelt out; I step up to do the honours.

If they did not realize and appreciate their lowly meaningless position before, now is the time for the great majority of citizens to get wise.

They are peasants, and peasants of the lowest sort in the eyes of the ruling aristocracy.  Whether professional or poor, credentialled or illiterate, successful or struggling, Guyanese outside of the upper political echelon are mere peasants, part of the labouring class, and just plain working stiffs.  They are non-existent mass coalesced at the bottom of the barrel, and they can like it or lump it.

Their lot is the Georgetown Hospital; it is why so much volume and ink are expended from the power brokers to enlighten the masses of its existence and stellar virtues.  Peasants go to the ‘public hospital’ or private ones, if they can so afford.  The political nobility go overseas to cool their fevers and deliver their babies, compliments of the longsuffering overburdened Guyanese taxpayers.  I regret to say that these same taxpayers have more suffering and burdens on the way.  Those who need details on the overseas babies can check with the sitting ministers.

Moving from health matters, ordinary citizens (peasants) are jailed, do not get bail, and get the book thrown at them for running afoul of the law.

On the other hand, minsters and their offspring enjoy near absolute immunity.  They are above and beyond routine police and court procedures; or the police go through some hazy somnambulist motions to mislead the public.  Before long issue and alleged perpetrator fade from view and memory.  In fairness to the senior officials, the self-discovered eighth wonder of the Guyanese underworld had it right when he said: no invitation extended by the police.  Thus, the high road is taken, literally and chemically.

Here is the bottom line: domestic political lawbreakers answer to no law and no one, save themselves.  Citizens are encouraged to embrace second class (or third class) status, and grin and bear.

The latest polls and propaganda reports indicate that they are most delighted to comply, and are thankful for where they are. In the meantime, peasants struggle with their house lots and mortgages in regular housing schemes, while the political royalty reside in Johannesburg.  That is better known locally as Pradoville 2, the latest representation of economic and social apartheid, Guyanese style.  The cradle of crooked luxury it is, conceived in perversity.  This is la dolce vita for the top dogs; regular ‘common breed’ dogs have to fend for themselves amidst heavy competition, and a scarcity of opportunity and essentials.

The lords of the manor call this democracy; I call it criminality.

Clearly, in nearly every aspect of Guyanese life, the yawning dismal disparity grows into an ecstasy of sullenness.  Rarely have so few done so much wrong to so many, and gotten away with it.  There is more in store.

 Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall



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