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Berbice the land of blackouts

April 15, 2013 1 comment

One can only marvel at the astounding incompetence of this entity

Dear Editor,
Once again the power supply in Berbice has descended to an absolutely horrific and atrocious level. This past week, there have been so many blackouts that I’ve lost count. On Monday, we had blackout for several hours.

What’s going on in Berbice with Guyana Power & Light’s(GPL) operations? One can only marvel at the astounding incompetence and inability of this entity to fix a system that has been broken for many, many year.
Likewise, one can only marvel at the callous, don’t-care attitude of the PPP, which, although being in power for over twenty years, has done nothing to remedy the unreliable power supply and bring relief to the people of this county. The PPP has, instead, chosen to demonize opposition members, dole out super-salaries, contracts, and radio stations to its friends and other “fat cats,” and fight for the rights of the rich, all at the expense of the majority of Guyanese who struggle to make a decent living, and who are frustrated at every turn by the regular blackouts that occur.

So here’s the solution. Call for a snap election and let’s vote the PPP out of office, and simultaneously get rid of the senior management at GPL that earns millions of dollars for doing nothing to tangibly improve the power supply. Nothing else will do.

And at the forefront of the wave to drive the PPP out of power will be the former sleeping Berbicians, who have finally awoken and realized that all the promises made by the PPP are false and unattainable under the current pack of jokers leading this country.
Berbice will rise, and the same slave songs that drove Cuffy to rebel against the oppressors of his day will guide us all as we go to the polls and choose a better future under the APNU/AFC government for our children and grandchildren.

Frustrated Berbician


Incompetent doctor at Georgetown Public Hospital kills baby

April 13, 2013 1 comment

Georgetown Hospital just recently killed a baby by breaking its legs and arms to get it out of the mother because they refused to give the mother a c-section. The baby was 10lbs and the mother who works at the hospital begged for them to give her one. Instead the doctor working there pushed his dirty hands inside her and tried to pull the the living baby out of her. When he could not get the baby he decided to break the babies shoulder, hands and then legs. As a result the child died and the mother bleed for days with no care. When she asked for pain meds for the pain a nurse told her to get out because she did not have a baby anymore. We need to speak out and i will not stop!!!!

How the PPP and PNC have damaged the Guyanese psyche and morality

April 6, 2013 1 comment


There are three grave tragedies of the Guyanese condition created or magnified by our divisive politics since 1950. One is the scourge of racism and ethnic polarization. Another is moral and psychological degradation of the nation. The third is economic impoverishment.
The first and the last elements have always existed in this land since the events pre- and post-Emancipation reshaped this landscape. The moral and psychological degradation of the Guyanese people before the arrival of the bitter struggles of the PPP and the PNC was limited to the immoral domination by the bourgeoisie of the working class.
The working class majority itself was peaceful, hardworking and decent-minded people grounded in justice and fairness in a sharing and crime-free working class stratum despite their sufferings. That changed with the arrival of the PPP and the PNC. They introduced full-scale ethnic division and racial apartheid politics to Guyana.
They caused their constituencies who were 85% of the population to adopt morally fraudulent and catastrophic positions out of this racial division. It was no longer what was right, just or fair, but what was racially opportunistic.
Negative ethnic generalizations and stereotyping became full-blown diseases under their reigns. All Africans were the PNC and all Indians were the PPP.
Moral hypocrisy strutted supreme. A dictatorial PNC government was to be overthrown by a Stalinist PPP party that crushed democracy. PNC socialism injected with healthy communist action (see nationalization) was condemned by the PPP and its supporters who advocated in the same breath the replacement with a communist state. PNC supporters sinfully accepted the atrocities of the PNC government just like PPP supporters support the abominations of the PPP government today.
In the grand circle of irony, these two groups of supporters have become one and the same. This moral undermining of the nation that took place in the racial-political struggles of the fifties and sixties have left an indelible stain on this nation’s psyche and morality. Even today, there are calls for the repetition of these stereotypes as evidenced during the 2011 election campaign when Bharrat Jagdeo reminded those who endured the PNC struggles to recall those experiences for the youths of today.
The moral damage was not limited to the psychological operations of the PPP and PNC and their race-driven political orgy. It has to do with the economic woe the PPP and PNC left this nation. Both of these parties have been dismal economic managers. Despite its working class rhetoric, the PPP’s economic management from 1957 to 1964 was a failure that saw economic decline and hardship for the working class along with increasing corruption.
The PNC was handed an economy in gradual decline in 1964 and took it over the precipice with a reckless socialist policy accompanied by corruption and mismanagement. In 1992, the PPP got a destroyed economy that was beginning to grow again and has delivered modest growth in an era of the greatest worldwide economic growth. The modest gains the PPP achieved have been largely shifted by deliberative government policy into the hands of a new upper class who benefit from the largesse and corruption of the PPP.
All of this economic mismanagement has pushed the majority of this country to moral corruption in order to survive. Not only do they have to work for immoral government, they are constantly morally debasing themselves in order to obtain a basic modicum of decent living. Even worse, this is now instinctive and normal for many.
By allowing illegal activity like drug trafficking to flourish, the PPP has firmly destroyed the already wavering moral core of this country. Economic destitution leads to moral equivalency and Guyana since the fifties has been a prime example of this truism. We have people who condone or execute all manner of atrocity for fear of losing that laughable paycheque in a country of rampant unemployment.
In dictatorial governments, people become afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation and harm. The mind becomes Pavlovian, directed by the dictates of the regime. This is what has happened in Guyana since the fifties. Slavery was abolished some 175 years ago while Indentureship ended 96 years ago, yet this nation remains very much a plantation moved by race and economic survival. This gives us the constant moral massacre or the annihilation of the moral code of this nation.
Right and wrong is relative in this nation because there is no moral line left that cannot be crossed. Wrong is very right in Guyana and right is often wrong and illusory. We are a nation in a moral quagmire from which extraction requires sacrifice, which we lack.
In every country that has built itself from ruins, except Guyana, there is an unmissable connection between sacrifice and struggle and moral reclamation. In these countries, people struggle, scrimp, sacrifice and battle to improve their lot, but they also possess a powerful moral philosophy about it; that they will endorse those who will help them achieve their redemption and reject those who are morally abject.
In Guyana, we have a generally hardworking nation that somehow abandons that moral requirement that is vital to their ultimate advancement. If people refuse to attach moral expectations and demands to their struggles, they will inherit societies constantly derailed by the immoral leadership and political parties they refuse to change.
Convenient moral blindness produces no economic profit or advancement out of poverty. You cannot expect less choke-and-rob of your earnings when you allow more choke-and-rob of your taxes by the rulers of the state. Choke-and-robbers at the top lead to choke-and-robbers at the bottom.
Moral hypocrisy allows crooks to bully a populace. Moral convenience leads to an immoral society where vagabonds thrive and in such a society only a handful of the depraved are enough to demonize and crush the rest.
The PPP and PNC have destroyed the morale of this nation and wrecked its psyche. Too many are worried about how those of another race or class are voting or how their own race or class are voting and not focused on what is important to them. That self-focus, which is evident in wealthy nations, and which allowed a White-dominated society like the USA to elect a Black President, is grounded in that element of morality that is missing in Guyana.

M. Maxwell