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Guyana president Donald Ramotar using his office budget to hide paying PPP cronies big $

Fat cats unmasked… ‘Disgraceful’ OP operating ‘Dharm Shala’ for friends, cronies


…super salaries being paid to do little or nothing, “mostly nothing” – Moses Nagamotoo
Attorney-at-law Moses Nagamootoo, who made headlines on Nomination Day when he defected from the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) and campaigned for the Alliance for Change, says that the latest revelation coming out of Office of the President has vindicated his position during the recent Budget Cuts.
Nagamootoo coined the phrase ‘fat cats’ in reference to persons at Government agencies being paid huge amounts and while he was unable during the budgetary process to unveil them, he says that the information which has been now made public demonstrates that “Office of the President is running a Dharm Shala for friends and cronies.”
Nagamootoo said that it is clear as day to see that there are persons being paid by Office of the President “to do little or nothing, mostly nothing.”
Nagamootoo, during an interview yesterday, said that it is clear as day to see that there are ‘Sinecure appointments’ (persons past political prime)” being paid by Office of the President as well as numerous Freedom House operatives.
He said that it is unfair of the government to be asking sections of the population such as Linden to take on additional hardships while others are being rewarded for next to nothing with super salaries.
Nagamootoo reminded of a proposal recently to pay cane cutters $800 per punt of cane when others were being paid more than 800 per cent above the average worker.
He said that “it is disgraceful that Office of the President would be running a Dharm Shala for friends and cronies.”
Nagamootoo was adamant that it is equally “disgraceful that this is happening under the watch of a government that champions the working class.”
The AFC Member of Parliament pointed to what he called persons being paid by Office of the President to be ‘ghost writers.”
He identified a David DeGroot and asks, “What else could this man be paid for? What else does he do at Office of the President?” asked Nagamootoo.
He was adamant that this has nothing to do with personal attacks against individuals, but he queried how the Freedom House Secretary, Chitraykha Dass, could be earning more than $250,000 payable from Office of the President.
As the House prepared to debate a motion of no confidence against Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee this past Wednesday, the information was made available as a result of a request by A Partnership for National Unity’s Joseph Harmon.
The APNU Executive Member had requested the names and designations of persons terminated as a result of the 2012 Budgetary Cuts.
The question was posed to Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, where it was revealed that another Freedom House operative is paid almost $400,000.
According to the information which was presented by Dr. Singh in the House on Wednesday, Mahendra Roopnarine, earns $395,000 per month and the salary is paid by Office of the President.
His designation is listed as “Press Undersecretary, OPL” whose salary payable at the end of last month was $395,000.
Roopnarine currently hosts the weekly programme “Getting it Right,” which was previously undertaken by the then Junior Health Minister Bheri Ramsaran.
Roopnarine was also a staple on pro-government television channels during the 2011 Election Campaign.
Controversial Office of the President figure, in the person of the President’s Information Liaison Officer, Kwame McCoy is being paid $334,850 per month. McCoy’s designation is listed as a ‘Communications Coordinator.’
It was also revealed that Government Information Agency (GINA) which had its Budget reduced to $1, pays its Director Neaz Subhan $295,530, while GINA’s Editor-in-Chief Shanta Goberdhan earns $295,460 per month.
Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon, is listed as being paid by Office of the President, a salary of $895,326 while his Deputy, Hydar Ally is paid $550,064.
Office of the President also pays the son of Former Attorney General, Charles Ramson, $430,196 for the position of Technical Legal Director.
Major General (ret’d) Joseph G Singh who has been retained by Office of the President as a Special Assistant to the President is paid some $667,440 for his services while OP’s Protocol Advisor Eshwar Persaud is paid $268,000.
A Cabinet Monitor Officer named Leroy Cort also earns from Office of the President some $155,628.
“Presidential Pol. Liaison Officer” Chitraykha Dass earns $255,000 for his services while Parliamentarian Reverend Kwame Gilbert also receives $294, 585 for his services as a ‘Community Develop. (Social Policy Officer).’
Cheddi Jagan 11, the Attorney-at-Law earns from Office of the President $489,666.
Desmond Kissoon, the Presidential Political Liaison Officer Region Nine, earns some $280,000 while Clive Lloyd, the President’s Advisor on Sports earns $721,000 in this capacity.
Reepu Daman Persaud the ailing Pandit is listed on the June payroll for Office of the President to receive $412,320 for his services as an Advisor to the President while former Regional Chairman for Region Six, Zulfikar Mustapha earns for himself as Head, Community Relations Liaison Officer some $307,600.
Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira, earns for herself $967,985 from Office of the President in that capacity, a salary greater than her boss Dr. Luncheon.

This was the same way Bharrat Jagdeo was hiding the big money he was paying Alexei Ramotar

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