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Relatives accuse Guyana police of stalling rape case

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-police say “due process” is being followed
Relatives of a 12-year-old girl, who was allegedly raped, are very upset with the actions of the police ranks at the Anna Regina Police Station.
They are far from pleased with the actions of the officers claiming that the matter is being dealt with in a “slow manner” and thus stalling the outcome of the case.
Reports are that the young girl and the 16-year-old boy attend the same secondary school on the Essequibo Coast. The girl is a first form student and the boy is in fifth form.
On February 9, last, the victim and the suspect were said to have left their school at 15:00hr and were walking along the seawalls when the incident took place.
According to the girl’s aunt, the matter was reported to the police at the Anna Regina Police Station the same day.
“My niece come home and tell me what happen and I took her to the station where a report was made. But this boy uncle works there and they seem to be taking so long to deal with the matter. It hasn’t been called up. No court matter and the boy not arrested and I don’t know if it is being covered up,” complained the aunt.
Kaieteur News contacted the police on Friday and was told by a senior officer that the matter was “following due process.”
The officer noted that while the report was made at the police station, the matter must be dealt with accordingly, therefore the actions of the police have to follow a certain process.
“We had to take handwritten statements from everyone, peruse them, type them out and investigate too. Then send the file to the Director of Public Prosecution’s office for advice and so on. We are presently in a process. The matter is not being covered up. It is being dealt with accordingly,” stated the police man.
The girl’s aunt is certain that it was not consensual sex because her niece explained to her that she did not “give consent” to the suspect.
According to the aunt, the two students were friends for a short time, since they only met when the girl started attending classes there during September.


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