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This is an age old PPP trick

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear Editor,
The recent racist outpourings by Donald Ramotar should be taken very seriously.
Not only were they blatant lies, but also they were racially explosive, libelous, and has set out to taint APNU as a racist party.
This is an age old PPP trick, painting fear into the Indian population. This well worn tactic of fear mongering, and political crassness are dangerous to the development of this country.
Ramotar and the old hacks of the PPP have come to the realisation and to their senses that they can no longer run the country as they have done for the last twenty years and will dig deep to salvage whatever they can to bring disunity to this country.
I have been on the campaign trail during the last elections, attended most of the rallies, small meetings, bottom house meetings… not once did I hear a racist comment from either the speakers or the masses in attendance. Should such an occurrence happened, I would have been the first to address the issue with Mr. Granger or any of the senior party members. Thankfully, this was not the case.
Ramotar should look into the membership of APNU and count how many “Indians” were on the campaign trail, all committed to bringing an end to the rule of this divisive, morally corrupt PPP government.
I am a firm believer in “giving a man a chance”, this I was prepared to do with Ramotar. In less than three months he has destroyed what semblance of hope I had in him. Now, the election Mantra has a much deeper meaning…”no place for Donald…”
Deo Persaud


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