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Magistrate Haymant Ramdhani suspected of drunk driving refuses breathalyser test

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Magistrate refuses breathalyser test


-walks out of police station while victim at hospital

The East Coast Demerara police are contemplating how to deal with a Magistrate who refused to take a breathalyser test following a smash-up on the East Coast Public Road on Sunday night.
Police sources said that Magistrate Haymant Ramdhani was detained for several hours at the Cove and John Police Station after he appeared to be heavily under the influence of alcohol.
But prosecuting the Magistrate could be a challenge since there are reports that the other party involved in the accident has indicated that he will settle the matter out of court.
According to reports, a Victoria motorist, Victor Adams, had parked his car on the parapet and was about to open his gate when the Magistrate’s car which was proceeding west at a fast rate slammed into it.
The car struck Adams who was flung into a trench where he remained dazed until he was rescued by some public spirited persons and taken to the hospital.
Magistrate Ramdhani was subsequently taken to the station where he was requested to do a breathalyser test.
According to a source, the magistrate refused, claiming that the instrument was not sterilized.
He was later told that he was required to remain in custody while the condition of the victim was being ascertained.
However, the source said that the magistrate, after using a series of expletives, walked out of the station and went to retrieve his car from the scene and disappeared.
“The same people who are supposed to dispense justice are behaving in such a manner,” a source at the Cove and John police station told this newspaper.


  1. Against sensationalism
    February 1, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Kaieteur news reveals itself as once more sinking to a gutter level without checking the facts. It is in the business of reducing human beings into paper sales.

    Yet its boss was scared when Wikkileaks told about how he had squealed on on certain persons who it seems cannot be named.

    Then there was this big front page story about how he would never tell tales on certain people and it was all a lie to get them to go after him.
    What was that about? Inventive Kaieteur news and a law onto themselves.

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