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The disturbing trend of child abuse

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Dear Editor,
I am deeply disturbed after reading about the horrific incident that transpired with the young boys who were molested in the heart of my community and from all appearances at a place which is supposed to be “safe”.
I trust that this incident will get the strong condemnation it deserves, and while the perpetrator will be the focus of law enforcement I’m hoping that the victims will have access to the critical support and interventions that will aid their physical, psychological and social reconstruction in the whole process.
A vital aspect of this scenario that must not escape us is the role that the extended community plays in the protection of our children. We are now forced to all agree, child protection is everybody’s business.
I am part of national initiative to empower families through empowerment of parents to adopt alternative parenting methods through the use of non-violent discipline. It is therefore very ironic that Sophia being one of the target communities of the child protection project, should be subject to the this imbroglio, where our young males who will become the pillars of our community, are now suffering the physical, social and psychological violation allegedly at a place where they were sent to be nurtured and prepared for adulthood. It is the right of every child to be raised in an environment that is free from violence, fear, exploitation and abuse.
Furthermore, I would like to also salute the person(s) who reported to the Child Protection Agency, as this is a key element of community action and should not go unnoticed because it creates the opportunity for our child protection system to react promptly saving our young boys from sinking further into the abuse and dysfunction.
The Child protection project has been trumpeting the call to both parents and adults in the community that it is their duty to report any cases of child abuse even “suspected’ cases. The fact that there were suspicions within the community was enough to galvanize some sort of probe, but hindsight is 100 per cent and I trust that my community has learned a valuable lesson; we all need to be proactive.
If something can be suspected then it can be possible. Remember our children depend on adults to create a viable environment, but unfortunately some adults are bent on violating the sanctity of childhood by their immoral tendencies.
Finally, as we view the increase in domestic violence that has resulted in many women losing their lives at the hand of their male companions or husbands, one would think that social and religious icons would be working with our young males to educate and empower them and not to violate them.
Even more significant, is the fact that when young boys are molested the damage could be life-long and some never get the opportunity to embrace their masculinity. I can just imagine the long hard road those young men will have to travel to reconstruct their lives; I trust that the system of support will offer them what is needed for their recovery.
I pray that the judicial system will not waiver its mandate to protect the nation’s children even as pressure mounts on the perpetrator who is no doubt preparing to defend against this despicable act against the backbone of our society, our children.
Colin Marks 
 Project Coordinator
 Child Protection Project


  1. January 29, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    What is CIOG doing about this? Why is this Website close? abd why is this person on leave from Ciog? he need to be fired

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