Two other boys claims CIOG Imam sexually molested them

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CIOG pedophile Imam Nezaam Ali


…as sex probe widens

Two other boys have alleged that they were sexually molested by an Imam, and they are expected to have medical examinations today to confirm their stories.
An official from the Child Protection Agency has stated that the two youngsters have been located and have given statements to investigators.
Initially when the matter was brought to the Agency’s attention, the names of ten boys who were supposedly molested were presented through an anonymous tip. Medical examinations performed on four of these boys appear to confirm their stories.
However, this publication was told that four of the remaining boys have been relocated to Berbice. This publication was told that up to late yesterday officers from the Child Protection Agency in Berbice were working feverishly to find the boys.
A source at the Agency said that even if the parents are unwilling to cooperate, Child Protection officials will go ahead with tracking down the alleged victims and have them medically examined, in keeping with the Agency’s mandate to protect children.
The source added that the delay in the laying of charges against the Imam is very frustrating for the CPA, since there is nowhere in the new Sexual Offences act which states that the police have to send their file to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice.
“Medical certificates have shown that these four boys were sexually molested…so we just don’t understand the delay and even with the rumour of interference by the DPP. She too has stated that the police do not have to send the file for advice,” the source lamented.
The source added that it is their view that in matters like these, the police need to act more independently. Further the source said they are concerned that the suspect might not show up when charges are ready to be laid.
“This man has been placed on bail and the police have waited so long to institute a charge. Is there any guarantee that he would return to court to answer to such a serious charge?”
In the meantime the four boys who first implicated the Imam have been taken into protective custody as the mother has expressed her concern about their safety.
Early last week the Imam who functioned at the Turkeyen Masjid and at a city private school was arrested after rape allegations were leveled against him. There are reports that after the intervention of the DPP the Imam was released on $150,000 station bail.
In response, DPP Shalimar Hack denied that she had interfered with the investigation. She stated that the police can institute charges without her office’s advice.
The Central Islamic Organization has stated that the Imam has been sent on leave pending the outcome of the investigations.

  1. January 29, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Why CIOG shutdown their WebSite? Shalimar don’t have kids , so she has no feelings for kids

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