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Guyana Executive President Donald Ramotar is not happy PPP/C sense of entitlement was given a reality check by the opposition

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Ramotar disappointed with Trotman’s election as Speaker
Written by Demerara Waves
Thursday, 12 January 2012 20:17

President Donald Ramotar Thursday evening expressed disappointment that the APNU and AFC banded together to elect the latter’s leader, Raphael Trotman, as Speaker of the National Assembly, saying that they have squandered an excellent opportunity to usher in an era of enhanced political cooperation and consensus.
“As President, I had hoped that the elections of a Speaker and Deputy Speaker for the National Assembly would have resulted from genuine dialogue rather that the product of some pre-arranged deal between the two opposition parties,” he said in a statement released by the Government Information Agency (GINA).
The APNU with 26 seats and AFC with seven pip the PPP/C’s 32 in the 65-member Assembly and Thursday used it to defeat the ruling party’s nomination of former Speaker Ralph Ramkarran and elect Trotman.
The minority government has argued that an opposition-elected Speaker goes against the convention in the Commonwealth
“The APNU/AFC collaboration today also goes against the convention in parliamentary democracies where the Governing Party with the largest number of votes and seats secures the Speaker of the National Assembly. This gross violation of an established convention is not a healthy development in this new dispensation,” President Ramotar stated.
He added that he had contacted APNU Chairman David Granger on Thursday reminding him of the convention and the PPP/C’s willingness to support an opposition nominee as Deputy Speaker.
“This was rejected,” the president said.
According to him, it must be recalled that when the PPPC had an outright majority over the combined opposition it was “magnanimous” in allowing the Opposition to hold the position of Deputy Speaker based on its respect for parliamentary democracy.
PNCR member Clarissa Riehl was Ramkarran’s deputy while APNU’s Deborah Backer is Trotman’s.
“As President of the Republic I intend to monitor the situation in the National Assembly very closely,” Ramotar concluded.


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