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Guyana Corruption – After 2 years as Minister of Housing…Irfaan Ali builds mansion with poolhouse

Irfaan Ali builds mansion with poolhouse



The construction of a house at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, is the talk of neighbours who say that the property is owned by 31-year-old Irfaan Ali, the Minister of Housing and Water.
The house appears to accommodate eight bedrooms, a large living room, a detached kitchen and a walkway that runs around the front of the building. One resident described it as a mansion.
In addition to the home there is a multi-million-dollar pool house which makes the $69 million Corentyne office of the National Insurance Scheme office look like a garage.
The cost of the construction which is nearing completion is estimated at more than $300 million if the sums paid by the government for projects that have been advertised and completed, are a yardstick.
One contractor, using the same Government estimates, said that to fence the compound of that estate would be about $50 million.
Some have actually questioned Minister Ali’s wealth bearing in mind that he came from humble beginnings and has been a Minister for just about three years.


  1. Saveeta
    January 31, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    Guyana is very corrupted. The PPP need to get out of office because they are all thieves and scumbags. Let the Other Party have a chance. All the PPP members and affiliates are greedy and lack morals. The best suited word? Thieves. I do hope that the rest of the united nation do see them for who they really are. They make me sick. I am proud to be an American and if I could change my roots I would in a heartbeat! What a pathetic place!

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