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Five-year-old rape victim in need of blood

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The five-year-old girl who was abducted from her Betsy Ground home last Friday and brutally raped, is presently receiving blood as she remains in a critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the New Amsterdam Hospital. The child had lost a lot of blood and requires about three pints.
Although she is conscious, she is not allowed visitors and only close relatives are allowed to see her. In the meantime, two persons including a prime suspect remain in custody as police continue their investigation.
The young victim who is the second of three children lives with her mother, next door to her grandmother, in proximity to the river dam.  She was left sleeping at home with her two year old brother while her mother had ventured next door to her mother-in-law’s premises in anticipation of a phone call from the child’s father.
The girl was abducted from her bed wrapped in a sheet and taken into the bushes on the bank of the Canje River and sexually assaulted. The incident occurred some time after 23:00 hrs Friday.  It is understood that while the mother was over at her mother-in-law, the perpetrator entered the house wrapped the sleeping girl in a blanket, taken from her sleeping brother, and carried her into the bushes on the River dam area, where he committed the dastardly act.
According to information, when the mother returned home around midnight, she noticed that her daughter was not in her bed and her son’s blanket was missing.  She frantically started to search and call out for her daughter. The search led the woman and several neighbours into darkness in a bushy area on the dam.  The bloodied child was eventually found in thick bushes crying. There were also signs that the perpetrator had just escaped.  The child collapsed when she was found. The police were subsequently informed and escorted her along with relatives to the New Amsterdam hospital where she was admitted and remains in the ICU.
The child when questioned had said that ‘Jumbie’ took her into the bush, indicating that the culprit was wearing mask. She had however described the clothing the perpetrator was wearing.
Police had arrested nine persons from the immediate area.


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