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Bharrat Jagdeo’s treatment of ex-spouse violates Hinduism

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November 29, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Letters


Dear Editor,  
When President Jagdeo steps down as President after November 28th, he leaves with retirement benefits which have raised eyebrows.
But he needs to leave office of the Presidency and keep his considerable reputation intact. He urgently needs to approve and ensure a pension for the former First Lady, Varshnie Singh. I am appalled that the women of Guyana, moreso Hindu women from organizations including the Dharmic Sabha, the Maha Sabha, the WPO, Red Thread etc, have not met President Jagdeo to iron out this gross treatment of a Guyanese woman.
The President married his wife in a traditional Hindu-rites wedding ceremony, in full view of hundred of witnesses and under the eyes of Bhagwan [God], walking around the sacred fire, committing himself to serve and defend her till death parted them.
So the marriage did not work out. It happens all the time. This is not the issue which I am peeved about. The treatment of his ex-spouse can be misinterpreted by his critics. He needs to compensate her according to religious law which has no quibbling in our scriptures. Her reputation is forever damaged.
Using a technicality to dismiss his marriage responsibilities because the marriage was not recorded with the government registry is not fair and comes across as arrogant and uncaring. Is he?
Western colonial customs introduced the government registry to deprave and dismiss Hindu and Muslim religious rites.  This explains why many Hindus/Muslims chose to ignore colonial laws and marry under the bamboo (Hindu), dismissing colonial Christian laws and requirements. So now the population has been regularized.
The Hindu has always considered a man and woman married once their wedding was sanctified by a Hindu Pandit performing the traditional rituals. Where is Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud in all this mess?  Does that mean all the weddings he (and other Pandits) has performed are illegal in the sight of man and God? All Guyanese women, especially Hindu women, should help Ms.  Varshnie Singh let the President know what he has done is wrong. Nullifying our respected age-old Hindu marriage traditions is an insult to Hinduism.
In New York City, a similar case resulted in the judge ruling that, even though the marriage was not registered the traditional Hindu wedding rites were performed in God’s presence and witnessed by the guests, the marriage is considered legal and binding. I am very upset and angry at President Jagdeo. He needs to act to avoid losing those of us prefer to see him in a better light.
Mr. President, please do not hide behind civil laws and please honor your moral Hindu religious responsibilities.
Vassan Ramracha


  1. December 22, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Yes you are right plz donot ignore first lady of guyana mr bharat jagdeo is a great leader of indoguyanese. Thanks

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