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Guyanese are worst off today than 10 years ago

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Dear Editor,
There is absolutely no question in my mind that after more than 19 years of PPP rule and 10 years of elected dictatorship, Guyana has emerged as a failed state. When Mr. Jagdeo assumed power, he did not have a clue of how to govern the affairs of the country. The bequeathing power to him by Mrs. Jagan on that rainy morning was a tragic mistake.
No one can predict the future but maybe, the rain could be interpreted as if God was shedding tears for what was to happen to this beloved country.
Mr. Jagdeo’s horrible performance as president and his erratic and irrational “cuss down” outbursts are unbecoming of a president. He has embarrassed the presidency and the nation. It proved that Mrs. Jagan took a man’s job and handed it to a little boy.
His child-like behaviour is not only evident in his berserk “cuss down” episode last Sunday of Glenn Lall, Adam Harris and Kaieteur News but also when he said that Mr. Ramotar, at age 61, is a young man but that Mr. Granger at age 65 is a very old man. This is a very foolish and unbefitting statement coming from a president. It shows that he does not know what constitutes old or young.
Several senior members of the PPP are shocked and disgusted at Mr. Jagdeo’s behaviour. They are quietly exiting the PPP for a civilian life. Guyanese are concerned about the reckless behaviour and lack of morality of Government officials, the breakdown of law and order and the atrocities carried out by the PPP regime.
Mr. Jagdeo’s rigid control of the state apparatus, the state-owned television and radio stations, his delay in propagating the Information Act, his twisted way of cussing down people, his use of the PPP majority to make Parliament a farce, his trumped-up charges of treason against Mark Benschop and others, his refusal to have an inquiry into the extra-judicial murders of over 300 Guyanese, and the acquisition of highly paid propagandists like Prem Misir and the vanished Randy Persaud are similar to the actions of Hitler.
The regime has the entrenched and intrinsic belief in ethnic and racial superiority. It does not have a national policy based on racial equality, harmony, the co-existence of the races, and the fair and equitable distribution of the benefits of the state resources.
Instead, the elected dictatorship has a sinister and inept strategy to subjugate one race and render it servile.
Mr. Jagdeo has not shown any interest in promoting unity, harmony and equality among the races. He is more inclined to use the country’s resources as he sees fit, spend taxpayers’ money in a reckless manner, ignore corrupt practices by government officials and is yet to charge a major drug dealer.
Glenn Lall, owner of Kaieteur News, is correct when he said that “It’s is thiefing that going on from top to bottom in the country. I don’t believe in thiefing the ordinary man, taxpayers’ dollars.”
More reasons why Guyanese are worst off today than 10 years ago? We are in the 21st century and there are constant power outages nationwide, lack of adequate potable water, mothers and babies are dying at childbirth, truancy rates at schools are extremely high, PPP untouchables continue to disrespect the rule of law, taxpayers do not get value for money spent on public projects, 45 per cent of the youths are unemployed, Georgetown stinks, UG has
collapsed for lack of funds, public hospitals and schools have crumbled, the future of GUYSUCO is in doubt, wages have remained stagnant while cost of living has risen to the sky, and the roads are the worst they have been in years.
In addition, more than 80 per cent of the population lives in poverty while Pradovilles are popping up everywhere and PPP untouchables have coveted the best lands in the country. Guyanese are worst off today than ten years ago because the elected dictatorship governs the country like a cake shop.
If these are considered development, then we should find a new meaning for the word “development.”
And one more thing, Bharat, do not blame Glenn Lall, Adam Harris and Kaieteur News for the horrendous state Guyana is in. Unlike you and your cabal, they are decent citizens trying to make an honest living by working hard everyday.
Asquith Rose.

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