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Another doctor takes on Guyana president Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

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It is ironic that Jagdeo and the PPP are referring to him as Dr Bharrat Jagdeo regularly in their propaganda to the nation and PPP’s misuse of state media. Jagdeo was awarded honorary degrees by two universities, the Patrice Lumumba Peoples’ Friendship University in Moscow and Dr. D. Y. Patil University in India, and at the same time the PPP and Dr Bharrat Jagdeo are slandering people that actually went to university and worked hard to get a proper education.

Jagdeo is Champion of Dirt – AFC’s Ramayya

President Jagdeo is the “Champion of Dirt”, according to Alliance for Change (AFC) Executive Member, Dr Veerasammy Ramayya, who, on Wednesday evening, lashed back at the Head of State for the comments he made at the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Whim rally last Tuesday evening.

AFC Executive Member, Dr Veerasammy Ramayya
He referred to the speakers at the Whim rally as “Chatoondaar” (a Hindi word for a person who starves for food) kind of people. He flayed the PPP/C for going right in front of his Whim residence and holding the rally and cussing him out in plain sight as well.
Jagdeo stated that next year the government will pass the Medical Practioners’ Act “because we’ve had a lot of quacks who practice medicine and damage people’s health”. He added that the Ministry of Health “would ensure that they examine this man [Ramayya], and if he practices again, Ramjattan will have to visit him in prison, because we can’t allow quacks to run our country”.
“They (the speakers at the rally) were weary and frustrated “like when a horse finish an eight-furlong race and they were passing out froth; froth was coming out of their mouths. That was how they were frustrated. Their inside started to get dry like they suffer diabetes”, a visibly angry Dr Ramayya told Berbicians on a TV statement. He said the Berbice River Bridge, which the PPP/C was boasting about at the rally was an idea talked about by former ROAR Member Ravi Dev.
“When a president is threatening its citizens as you saw from the Kaieteur News today, that he will make sure, once they have power, that Ramayya will be in jail and Ramjattan—the cock-eye man—will have to come and visit me. Well I want to say I have a U.S. Passport and can travel any part of the world, but I want the people to ask this government how many Ministers’ visas were taken away”, he posited.
“When dem guh be in Rikers’ Island with Roger Khan, I will guh and give them a visit in New York—plenty of them! I will go and give them a little visit”, he told Berbicians. He alleged that cartons of liquor were bought “and they were drinking it like kool-aid and that was an incitement for riot, I bring this analogy to show you how vindictive the PPP really is,” he noted.
“They didn’t discuss the issues at the rally,” he said; “no, only Ramayya and Moses Nagamootoo”.
Regional Chairman of Region 6 and Central Committee Member of the PPP, Mr Zulfikar Mustapha had subsequently taken to the podium and the crowd was led to chant, “Ramayya is a quack! Ramayya is a quack!”. “There is no place for Nagga!” (Nagamootoo), and so the crowd chanted, “No place for Nagga!” several times. Then it was, “Nagga is a disgrace to Whim! Nagga is a disgrace to Whim!”
Dr Ramayya responded by saying that he will never stand for any hooligan or hypocrite to degrade Nagamootoo.
Ramayya said Forbes Burnham would have never gone to “belittle himself in front of an opposition member’s home and used those derogatory words, words of vindictiveness, words of threat and to destroy the people all because of power”.
The politician’s academic qualifications has, from time to time, been questioned and ridiculed by certain individuals. Dr. Ramayya holds degrees in the Liberal Arts, Political Science and Sociology and a minor degree in Psychology and Economics. He also holds a MA in Liberal Studies and a PhD in Psychology.

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