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Guyana Election – President Bharrat Jagdeo is the change that never came

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Dear Editor,
I will not deny that I voted for Jagdeo. When I did so I voted for Jagdeo and not PPP. Also, I will not deny that I am absolutely unhappy with what I got. You see the ruling Government is not PPP, but Jagdeo.
He is on record lamenting the anguishes he recalls under the PNC, but could this boy really say he offered better?
I can tell you this, I voted for a change then, but that change was so fine, twelve years after it is still boring my pocket.
So with the above stated, I now ask all young people of this Nation what should your choice be? Do you put the old man to replace this boy, remember, who his boss was for the past twelve years.
As a youngster I recall two experiences– BLACKOUT and NO READY WATER SUPPLY when I turn on my tap. These very two sore topics PPP lamented on when campaigning in 1992.
Almost two decades after and after being told of the BILLIONS of dollars spent on these two utilities, I am still witnessing the same, and I know that you are too. So I ask, will the old man correct this? I would not say “I doubt”, I will say he cannot.
On corruption, Jagdeo has called for evidence of any malpractices. The government’s Auditor General has furnished reports of these delinquencies, so I ask you young people, have you seen or heard of any official being made to answer/pay for these crimes?
Jagdeo has chosen to repair/extend roads as opposed to building new roads. Let’s look at why this is his choice. If you had to repair/renovate a house, can anyone question you as to what materials were used from the old building and/or what is new? Thus, those billion dollars unaccounted contracts that are doled out to his cronies.
With all the griping about Global Warming, ever thought of our only road way on the East Bank to highlands being impassable due to the much touted rising water levels?, yet this man refuses to open new accesses to our highlands at alternative points along the coast.
Now he builds his house on the seawall after travelling the world to tell them of Global Warming/Rising Waters.
To my young friend I ask, will you allow these crimes to continue? I trust not.
Think wise on November 28, before placing your X.
On a side, last election a large group of person from South Georgetown did not exercise their constitutional privilege. It is perceived to be young Blacks. To you I ask, please do not repeat this mistake, please come out and bring with you a friend and VOTE come November 28.
Let’s not place the cart before the horse, together let us create a political environment where we as small people will matter. Not as it is today where the criminal who call themselves our leader has pushed us into submission.
Together we can do this. The criminals are panicking, they no longer count those attending their “vulgar stage arrangements” for elections campaign, by the thousands, they are so ashamed that they refer to the count as “in their numbers”.
Can we do this? Yes we can!!! I remain the young at heart,
M.S. Majid

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