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Wikileaks: Guyana President Bharrat Jagdeo is a hypocrite

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Ok so few months ago Bharrat Jagdeo said Wikileaks was BS and told Guyanese to ignore them, that the American don’t know what they are talking about, but all of a sudden to drum up fear in the nation as usual, he quote Wikileaks to the people in Bartica to get his racial point across.


President Bharrat Jagdeo on Monday brushed aside concerns about the image of Guyana as a country heading for narco-statehood and his administration appearing unwilling to fight the drug trade.

Confidential United States diplomatic cables recently released by the whistleblowing site, Wikeleaks, saw the then American Ambassador Roland Bullen weighing in on the reasons why an office of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was not yet opened in Guyana.

Speaking with Demerara Waves Online News ( www.demwaves.com ), Jagdeo relied on what he said was the United States’ refusal to confirm that the communication are American diplomatic cables.

He said his presidency and the country’s profile would be unaffected by Wikileaks’ revelations.

“If I allow an American ambassador’s view to put a damper on my feeling or my image, then I wouldn’t be fit to run this country. This is their opinion about what is taking place in Guyana,” he said.

Against the background of Bullen telling Washington that Guyana was heading for narco-statehood and government was lukewarm to the narco-fight, Jagdeo dismissed such assertions and questioned the credibility.

“I just want it to come out because it’s interesting to see ambassadors’ perspectives… I find a lot of amusing; it is like ambassadors speaking, their opinion, nothing is substantiated so I’m looking forward to more fun with Wikileaks, “ he said.

However to scare Guyanese Jagdeo is referencing the same Wikileaks to drive fear in the nation, and keep that racial divide alive and well, since a racially divided Guyana only benefits PPP.

The president cautioned Barticians against voting for the opposition, saying they have a track-record of supporting and having links with criminal gangs like those that killed 12 persons in Bartica on February 17, 2008.

“The very famous Wikileaks said that the PNC had its hand in what took place in terrorizing the people in Buxton and those same individuals were part of the killings here in Bartica. Are we going to allow those people to ever run our country? Are we going to allow them to get the reins of power here in Guyana,” he said


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