Moses Nagamootoo a true Guyanese patriot & hero

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35 North Road & King Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, GUYANA.
Tel/Fax: 592-223-6313
Tel: 592-612-1087

24th October, 2011

Mr. Donald Ramotar
General Secretary
People’s Progressive Party
Freedom House
Robb Street, Lacytown

Dear General Secretary,


The purpose of this letter is to announce my resignation from the Central Committee and as a member of the PPP with immediate effect.
Further, I confirm what I told you on October 1, 2011, that I would not subscribe my name to the PPP’s List of Candidates for the 2011 National Elections, nor would I feature on the party’s platform. My position therefore is irreversible.
I therefore request that the PPP/Civic refrain from further using my speeches and interviews from previous campaigns, and distorting same, to fool my supporters and the Guyanese electorate that I am campaigning in 2011 for the PPP/C.
I have now brought closure to my association with the PPP, which started 50 years ago in 1961, though I did not become a member until October, 1964. I came through the ranks to become Vice-Chairman of the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO), Secretary of the National Students Committee, Member of the PPP Central/Executive Committees and Secretariat; and Member of Parliament/Minister of Government.

I have always used my vast experience and knowledge in various positions to benefit the party and our people. I now walk with clean hands and a clear conscience.
I have been critical inside the party as I have been bold outside, in the prosecution of our struggles and efforts to make our Guyana a better place. In more recent years, I had taken a consistent stand over erosion of internal democracy, corrupt practices, security lapses and arrogant, autocratic leadership.
During 2004-2006, serious disagreements over corruption and national policies led to my withdrawal from the party leadership, but I returned to the 2006 elections platform to preserve party unity, and to defend the gains we have made from struggles and sacrifices of our supporters.
I stand by every single word that I had uttered in 2006 – that the PPP was my home; that we shared a vision for the future based on Cheddi Jagan’s core principles, which could be summarized in two words – “lean” and “clean”. Unfortunately, the leadership has betrayed its promises as well as these values. As much as I loved our “home”, there was just no space for me to help make it accountable, responsible and free from corruption. The recent, awful disclosures by WikiLeaks should at least remind the leadership that “Moses had told us so!”
I was hounded from the party leadership. For protesting against wrong-doings I was deemed to have resigned from the party’s Executive Committee. Then after the 2008 Congress, I was excluded by devious methods.
I have lost all faith in the current leadership. My association with the party has been compromised, and I can no longer in good conscience remain on the Central Committee or serve as a party member. I will not condone or be a part of any bullying, corruption and authoritarianism, more especially when these decaying practices emerged inside the organization to which I had dedicated all my life and to which I have given my finest efforts as activist, journalist and government minister.
The most grievous of these practices were public attacks on me for standing up against the threat to derecognize the sugar workers union, GAWU, and the exclusion of party members in what was a flaw-dulent process by which the presidential candidate for the 2011 elections was selected. The elementary practice of consultation was derailed.
My fight for political democracy was not against any personality but about principles and procedures and, above all, for the preservation of the integrity of the party. But I was nevertheless publicly maligned, labeled a “loser”, and bulldozed.
I had come to the conclusion that a cabal had hijacked the PPP to serve narrow agendas of personal power, privileges, perks and pensions over dedicated duty to our people.
Since I first entered politics in 1961, I have travelled the long, bumpy and sometimes, treacherous road. I am proud that I took the stand that I did, against dictatorship, for unity, democracy, press freedom and good governance.
Though our work has begun, my dream for a developed, prosperous and secured land remains unfulfilled. So I give notice that I will continue to serve my beloved Guyana. I promise to work with all patriots to bring healing, unity and lasting peace to our nation; to make our country grow, and to provide bread with equality and justice for all our people; to meaningfully help the poor, powerless and marginalized, and give hope and security to our new generation.

Yours sincerely,

Moses V. Nagamootoo

  1. Nehal Persaud
    October 31, 2011 at 12:11 am

    Well done Moses, we are proud to be behind you. LET US ALL VOTE PPP OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

  2. Jasmine
    November 16, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Good move Moses, you were one of the very few honest people in the PPP

  3. December 8, 2012 at 11:43 am

    HI Moses congrat cde you have done the right thing today i am not too worried about P.P.P. I am more worried about CHEDDI soul can some one open the gate at babu john so he can come to deal with them at Freedom house The P.N.C. make guyana the poorest in the caribbean the P.P.P. make guyana the greatest in corruption

  1. November 5, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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