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The plight of the average Guyanese

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear Editor,
I am a daily reader of the Kaieteur News Publication. I was reading the Kaieteur News dated Friday 7th October 2011. In the letter column, there is a missive written by Mr. Mark Archer. And I wish to add my commentary to his column.
Now this government of the day has done nothing good for the poor and underprivileged Guyanese. We struggle for survival daily, paying hefty bills, rent and the heavy 16 per cent VAT on food, while the dollar seems to be shrinking.
As Mark rightly said the Guyanese people are seeing RED. What he should have mentioned is that the lower class of the Guyanese population is seeing RED because we are being trampled upon by those higher in the hierarchy, while not one cent is being spent to alleviate the poor and sufferings of humanity.
Many are seeing RED because the banks are encouraging persons to come in for loans to build their homes, but only for the applicant to be told they do not meet the requirements or the small salary they earn disqualifies them; RED because we are in the grips of a struggling and perishing economy.
Should a survey be done, you will see how many homes are far from what they should be, persons are living below the poverty line.
They send their children to school on little or nothing at all, while the wicked feast and dine at Beltshazar’s table. They eat of the king’s delicacies and get drunken with the wine of pollution and contamination.
But the expectation of the poor will not always be forgotten. A day will come soon when the real KING will take his rightful place on this earth and deliver his people from the onslaught.
And those that are feasting, dining and parading in their scarlet colored robes portraying an image of the beast will speak like the rich man, asking Abraham to send Lazarus to dip his finger in water and cool their tongue for the flames of torment will be too much to withstand. .
TAX PAYERS MONEY is being spent on contracts for roads, dams, correction of collapsed kokers by errant contractors, bridges, sea defense, on the stelling that fell apart shortly after work was completed, the various sports, sprawling mansions and condominiums.
Hefty rewards are offered to bring criminals down, but nothing for the development of the poor. God is angry with the wicked everyday.
I agree with Mark once again for his comment on the churches being silent for too long. But then again the churches should not be entangled in politics.
Many are homeless, while others live in rental apartments because of the Housing Ministry’s failure to distribute house lots to the less fortunate in a timely manner.
We need to humble ourselves and pray, and turn from our wicked ways.
Name withheld

  1. hpersaud
    October 31, 2011 at 12:23 am

    More Guyanese need to speak up about the crimes of PPP

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