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Donald Ramotar lures House of Israel founder Joe Hamilton to join PPP/C

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

After many years of courting the House of Israel founder, the PPP/C have finally managed to lure PNCR executive Joseph Hamilton.  Hamilton’s kids were also given lucrative jobs at OLPF(Jagdeo one laptop vote buying scheme) in the Office of The President, and we think this was one of the few perks Donald Ramotar extended to the House of Israel man to get him to jump ship, sorta like how Luncheon gave Mortimer Mingo a cheap house lot in Pradoville 2, but the poor PNC man check bounce, so you could say Mingo couldn’t afford to buy into the PPP/C cabal, maybe if Mingo had ties to House of Israel, he would have been given a financial boon like Hamilton.

What is most surprising is that PPP/C parade Hamilton in front of the same Berbicians that only a few months before Bharrat Jagdeo told they must remember the crimes of the PNCR.  It sure seems like PPP/C are confident that they can fool Berbicians with anything, for them to parade Joe Hamilton in front of Berbicians to cheer, the same Joe, the man that was the pulse of all things Rabbi Washington, I guess it goes to show PPP/C only like people like Joe Hamilton if he is on their side, so I ask you, is PPP/C really any different than the old PNC?

Well then again Rabbi Washington was Janet Jagan boy, when he was a fugitive on the run from the US authorities, he was shacked up in freedom house for many months hiding out.  Then again after Hoyte tossed him in jail for murders, PPP/C set him free.  So Rabbi Washington could have been a murderous PPP goon all along, after all PPP/C is the only party that has anything to gain significantly from a racially divided Guyana and especially when the Indian population is scared of the blacks.

Reminds us of Gregory Smith the man wanted for the murder of Dr. Walter Rodney, Bharrat Jagdeo & PPP/C knew he was hiding out in French Guyana but did nothing to bring him to face the courts.

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