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Are Guyanese voters being penny wise & pound foolish with taking bribes to support the corrupt PPP/C?

Hundreds of farmers bribed with fertilizer to attend Albion rally – AFC

The sloth of the judicial system and dispensation of justice is responsible for the continued abuse of State resources, since it takes years for cases to be heard if someone is placed before the courts, according to the Alliance for Change.
The comments came at the party’s weekly press conference at Fourth Street, Campbellville headquarters recently.
Executive member, Gerhard Ramsaroop, said, “Just as was seen for President Jagdeo’s Appreciation Day, GuySuCo trucks were again used in their numbers for the PPP rally at Albion, on October 2, last. Vehicles from the work services group, Ministry of Works were also seen.” he said.
Adding that one Government official was doing the right thing, and rather than use the vehicle provided for him by the State at party event, he was using a BK International vehicle, Ramsaroop said this is what ought to be done.
“The PPP being such a wildly popular party as it claims, must make use of resources given to it by its supporters and not take from the State. Further to this, AFC activists and sympathisers in Berbice have reported that hundreds of farmers were bribed with fertilizer to attend the rally in Albion.
“We understand some were given as much as seven bags in reward.” Ramsaroop said.
He recounted that most Guyanese will remember that these kinds of acts the PPP had vociferously condemned the PNC for, when it was in the opposition.
“In fact, this was a major part of Dr. Jagan’s platform. It is this deviation from Dr. Jagan’s principles, over the past decade in particular, compounded by the absence of Jagan loyalists such as Moses Nagamootoo, Ralph Ramkarran, Komal Chand, Navin and Indra Chandrapal from this election campaign, that is the cause of the massive loss in support for the PPP today.” he asserted.
He concluded that recognising this, and being gripped in a mortal fear, the PPP shut down C.N. Sharma for the upcoming elections. This is yet another act the AFC condemns, viewing it as an unconstitutional attack on Freedom of Expression in Guyana.
Nineteen years ago we celebrated the return of democracy in Guyana under the PPP/Civic. Today, under the very PPP/Civic, we mourn the killing of democracy in Guyana.

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