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Duckism: The empty pledges & promises to Guyanese by the ruling PPP/C


Dear Editor,
So the Ramotar Campaign is off and what a start!  Last count showed some 10,000 “trucked people” from all over Guyana for a typical PPP “wine and grind” session.  In 1992, Dr. Jagan had 25,000 Berbicians rallying to his call for time for change, but today this pitiable cabal has to scrape all over Guyana to muster 10,000 people. What a step down for Team Ramotar.
But let us get to the substantive points Donald raised since the AFC will win this elections on issues rather than following the PPP style of promising and not delivering (Duckism).
Mr. Ramotar pledged at Albion that he would “build a modern Guyana if elected with greater focus on cheaper energy”.  So what was Jagdeo doing all along? Running around the mulberry bush!  Did Donald wake up Sunday morning for the first time in his life?
This Ramotar cabal speaks with a forked tongue.  In 2006, this is what the Ramotar cabal said in their manifesto “We intend to make reliable and affordable electricity available to all Guyanese and industries.”
Five years after and our people are still waiting for this carrot from these bogus leaders, who eat the people’s grape, drink the people’s wine and throw the grape seed at the people  telling them to eat and be happy.
Well for 19 years the people had no choice since the PNC was an incompetent and ineffective opposition party that still cannot move away from its race-based foundations.  Today, however, the PPP is faced with a formidable multi-racial political force in the form of the Alliance for Change (AFC) and we sense that the people are in the mood to share licks like peas on the PPP come elections day.
But to expose these empty promises some more, Donald talks about “investigating bio-fuel”.  If one is to follow the PPP record on bio-fuel it was “dead on arrival” after the “treaty of convenience” with one Mr. Duprey from Trinidad .
Mr. Duprey got his fame from the CLICO conglomerate that lost $6.8 billion of Guyana’s money.  The long and short was he wanted 100% of Guyana’s molasses for among other things –ethanol production, when Guyana had a proposal on the table from a reputable Brazilian conglomerate to produce bio-fuels.
For dubious reasons, the political sponsors of Ramotar chose Duprey.  Luckily, Yesu Persaud sued and saved Guyana from another CLICO-related fiasco.  Jagdeo got mad and here we are 10 years after still talking about bio-fuels rather than reaping the benefits for the people. No jobs, no future thanks to the PPP.
The AFC speaks about actually developing a bio-fuel industry creating thousands of new jobs in the sugar belt and in the coconut industry.  This industry will be formulated in a transparent manner with a clear aim of creating over 1,500 new jobs in sugar and coconut with reputable bio-fuel companies in Brazil and India.
The opening dialogue has already started and once in Government, we will conclude.  Can you see the difference from the Action for Change Party and the Perpetually Promising Party?
Donald talks about “energy being more expensive than our neighbours’” yet he sat as General Secretary of the PPP for more than 14 years and did nothing about this crisis.  He watched as President Jagdeo spent billions of dollars on fuel guzzlers at GPL and now he asks you to trust him to change course?
But the truth is the PPP cannot deliver on hydro.  If we vote PPP, we will just be setting ourselves up for another Skeldon Factory, more pain, and more losses all funded by the taxpayers.
Why is Ramotar not explaining to the people how many jobs he will create, when and where in Guyana ?  Why is he ducking the debate on jobs?
The AFC will create more than 8,000 new jobs in its first terms as a result of public policy measures flowing from our Action Plan.  We will be creating jobs in the sugar belt, in the coconut belt; we will be creating some 2,000 new jobs across Guyana building computers in Guyana, by Guyanese for all Guyanese school.  We will spend less money per computer than the PPP by importing the parts and building the computers at the industrial estates at Coldingen, Hampshire, Linden, Essequibo, and Rupununi.
So dance on Donald to the chutney queen Fiona, dance on.  While you wine and grind, the AFC is concluding its work to fund the 20% salary increase across the board for civil servants.
Our technical team will deliver on the promise of our Presidential Candidate Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan and our Prime Ministerial Candidate Mr. Raphael Trotman, to pay the workers 20% wages and salary increase in the public service.
We will also deliver on the AFC promise of reducing the VAT from 16% to 12%.  We will deliver on increasing the tax threshold for workers to $50,000 per month.  We will deliver on reducing the PAYE rate from 33% to 25% by the end of the first year of the Ramjattan Government.
So dance on Donald, dance on, while the AFC “Government in waiting”, prepares public policies that are pro-poor and designed to grow worker’s productivity.
Sasenarine Singh

  1. Alycia
    October 14, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    ramotar is a liar just like jagdeo

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