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Ramotar’s PPP/C has to explain murders, corruption, drug-trafficking

July 10, 2011 | By KNews

After 19 years of one party rule of Guyana, Mr. Donald Ramotar and the PPP/C must give account to the Guyanese people as to why friends of the government seem to have abundant wealth, while citizens’ paychecks finish before the 10th day of the month.  They must answer for the steel bars on every window and door and our citizen’s added stress of living in a crime-ridden society.
Mr. Ramotar’s PPP/C must answer for the systemic abuse of women sanctioned by the actions in the highest office of the land.
They must answer for billions of dollars spent on shoddy roads while officials pocket the people’s tax dollars and political cronies win contracts which make them wealthy.
They must answer for pit latrines, lives devastated by recurring floods and children’s deaths from water-borne diseases.
Mr. Ramotar’s PPP/C must answer for lack of press freedom and the misuse of taxpayer’s dollars to fund the state-sponsored propaganda mouthpieces, the Guyana Chronicle newspaper and the NCN television and radio.
They must answer for hundreds murdered by the death squads during the tenure of former Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Ronald Gajraj.
They must account for billions of dollars in cocaine trafficked by Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan. They must answer for Pradoville and the abject poverty on Water Street where children sleep at night.
While President Bharrat Jagdeo peers into his crystal ball to give the nation a lesson on election numbers and outcomes, he seems unable to provide any perspective to the Guyanese people on why he continues to use the state’s vast financial resources to politick on Mr. Ramotar’s behalf.
His great numbers acumen seems to fail him when the people inquire as to how multiple Ministers with their limited salaries can afford prime beach-front Pradoville homes which cost upwards of US$1,000,000 while the majority of Guyanese citizens cannot afford basic necessities.
While his crystal ball seems able to project the outcome of the elections in 2011, it seems to provide no indication as to who orchestrated the murders of more than 200 young men in extra-judicial killings.
The crystal ball seems unable to tell the citizens of Guyana why after 19 years of rule, the government now seems able to find money for election year goodies for key constituencies but money cannot be found for raising public sector salaries, for providing a safe place for abused women, for ending drug trafficking and piracy, for sustainable development of the hinterland, for controlling trafficking in persons in the interior, for stamping out violence against women, for running water in the home, for reliable and reasonable rates for electricity and for the implementation of a well thought out plan for youth training, development and employment.
Mr. Donald Ramotar and the PPP/C have a lot of explaining to do to the Guyanese people.  While the strategy of rehashing 38-year-old lies seems like an effective diversionary tactic, the people are not fooled.  They know the pain of having no cash to buy food items as the children go to bed hungry.
They suffer the indignity of having to call up relatives overseas for an emergency small piece to cover basic living expenses.  They live each day with the fear of abuse, robbery, and murder and have no security team to protect them.
The citizens are aware of the moral and spiritual decay of the society as they see Government officials and their friends enriched by corruption and cronyism while the compromised judicial system looks the other way.  The people know the pain they live and the PPP/C fear that the people will make another choice in the 2011 election year.
So while President Jagdeo and Mr. Ramotar continue to dabble in magic and convenient number-crunching, APNU Presidential Candidate, Brigadier (ret’d) David Granger continues to work to map out a strategy for the social, spiritual, judicial and economic resuscitation of Guyana.
Mr. Granger continues to welcome all individuals and civil society to join the partnership for national unity and to make a real contribution to the new Guyana.  He continues to share his vision of unity, equality, security and prosperity for all Guyanese.  A new day is dawning in Guyana and what was will be no more.  The people want change and APNU is the only realistic option for that change.


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