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Spotlight on refugee scandal Minister Clement ‘goat’ Rohee

Visa man, DNA man, goat-bitten man, semi-literate man

June 9, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

Mr. Clement Rohee looks set to displace his boss Bharrat Jagdeo as the politician most people in Guyana laugh at. Mr. Rohee has only himself to blame. West Indian love to mock their politicians. Add to that the evocative sense of humour that West Indians possess and you have a non-stop theatre of fun directed at politicians.
Obviously, Mr. Rohee is not well read in Caribbean sociology. If he had, then he would be more sensitive about the words he uses.
He told the press that he cannot see why he shouldn’t try to become president of the Republic because “goat ain’t bite meh.” Then he said he has the DNA to be president, obviously confusing DNA with genes.
The other day, he explained that his visa was refused in 2004 by the US Embassy because he burned a flag outside the same embassy in the late sixties when the PPP was in opposition.
The hilarity in this one is that a man came from outer space in 2004, landed in the US Embassy and showed the Ambassador where Rohee had burned the flag 44 years ago therefore his visa should be denied. The joke was on Rohee because he didn’t light a piece of paper much less a flag. Fun and comic strip follow Rohee wherever he goes.
Of course mentioned should be made of the PNC’s allegation that he confused Dominica with the Dominican Republic.
The circus continues with Rohee. He published a letter last week in both independent dailies ranting against relentless anti-government critics who appear in the KN and SN. Now brace yourself for some jokes. Read these words from Rohee; “They are being given too much attention.”
So who are giving these anti-government critics “too much attention?” It can’t be the Government. So it has to be the Guyanese population. So either the population is stupid to read these people that Rohee refers to as “critics, cynics, pessimists, absolutists and narcissists” or they believe what these people write.
Here are some more jokes from Mr. Rohee. I quote him; “We need to write too and not allow them to dominate the pages of the non-state media … There are lots of people out there who want us to answer these persons.”
What a monumentally stupid man is Clement Rohee. For five consecutive years, the Chronicle has carried on a yearly basis, hundreds of letters on me saying the vilest things about me. I assume Rohee reads the Chronicle.
Since 2011 began, there is at least one each day, making it 30 letters per month.
PPP supporters have three newspapers available to them – Chronicle, Mirror and Guyana Times – and four television stations – 11, 28, 65 and 69 and NCN radio. Now they have started a scatological blog run by a man this newspaper referred to as semi-literate who was put in his job at GINA by the President himself. No wonder people laugh at Rohee. A PPP politician has to be a fool to write the following words, “There are lots of people out there who want us to answer these people.”
In other words, this man is telling you that for the 19 years he has been a Minister and his party has been in power, their views have not been made composed and published even though the Chronicle carries a daily dose of PPP propaganda and the Guyana Times was born with the specific intention of supporting the PPP Government.
How can any citizen respect this man when he spouts such repellant nonsense?
Here are some more asininities from Rohee; “It is from the pages of certain dailies that they are given safe haven to launch their diatribes towards the PPP.”
Sorry to correct you goat-man but it should read “diatribes against” not towards. But these very dailies are desperately sought by the PPP leaders themselves. They read them before they read their own Chronicle.
Hydar Ally has now joined Prem Misir in sending two letters per week to the two independent dailies. Misir once requested to be a columnist with one of those dailies.
At the end of the day, Rohee, Misir, Hydar Ally and many other PPP leaders end up looking foolish and idiotic because their boss, Bharrat Jagdeo, addressed a dinner of the business community and strongly advocated a boycott of the Kaieteur News.
Here is a moral dilemma that goat-man needs to explain. How can you bring red cool aid to the work place when your boss who pays you has demanded a boycott of that type of drink? Goat not only bit Rohee but devoured his brain.


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