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There has been no proper development in Guyana for forty-five years

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Editor,

We are facing the election year in Guyana and most people are expecting it to be an historical one. This is the time when all the political parties will have to plead to the nation for their help. We have seen forty-five years of no proper development in Guyana. The two major parties have taken this country for a ride, diminishing its prestige from the time they received independence from the British to now.

They have caused international embarrassment. A Prime Minister from Jamaica said that Guyana is a begging country; it existed on foreign aid.

It does not have the ability to generate successful economic activities from its own natural resources.

Many smaller countries in the Caribbean are more economically stable and enjoy a better standard of living. The late Prime Minister of Barbados, Mr David Thompson, said that Barbados was too small for Guyanese to keep running there, looking for jobs and proper living standards. He said it should have been the other way around.

Let’s see what is wrong. Three massacres in less than six months, and only one of the areas that experienced it was compensated. There was the Roger Khan episode and over two hundred died; extra- judicial killings; the torching of a boy’s genitals by the police; the killing of a schoolboy in West Demerara; contracts being sub-contracted; government officials failing to adhere to court orders, and many others.

The Georgetown Public Hospital is supposed to very well equipped, but why do top government officials not make much of it whenever they get ill? They go overseas or visit some expensive private hospital in the city. We’ve got so bad that we cannot even control our own sugar industry and in 2009 we had to import sugar from Guatemala.

When the PNC was in the office the PPP tried all sorts of tactics to get the PNC out of office. They encourage the sugar workers to strike for more money and better working conditions.

These strikes crippled the country’s economy, and they told the workers that under the PPP they would be better off. Now these same workers had to take the government to court for severance payments. Sometimes senior government officials have had to go to the courts to obtain their gratuity monies.

So the PNC and the PPP/C are like brothers and sisters; there is no difference between them except what they preach.

Many people say Guyana is a beautiful country, but the beauty of Guyana lies in the interior, which is very clean and healthy. If you want to see the true nature of Georgetown travel on a ship in the Demerara River from the mouth and take a good look at Transport and Harbours Wharf, and you will want to ask yourself if there has been a war. If you are going to the North West District and you manage to reach the stelling around 10am, you will have to wait until 11am when the vessel is scheduled to depart for the North West; then you can board.

The government by now should have taken time off to relax and say, ‘look what we have done for the past 19 years.’

Now they are trying to visit all the different regions with a Georgie bundle of cloths and outboard motors.

Yours faithfully,
Michael Hope


  1. Concerned Guyanese
    June 2, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    Cocaine dollars and remittance is the veneer for Jagdeo and PPP so called progress.

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