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Jagdeo’s gov’t has pushed the PPP aside and is working against the legacy of Dr Jagan

I spent over 30 of the best years of my life fighting against the PNC dictatorship and defending the PPP and Dr. Jagan’s legacy. All of my family lives overseas but I resisted pressure from them to migrate and remained here. I was beaten and jailed on numerous occasions. Because of my critical attitude and an independent mind I was never given the push like some of the newcomers who in a very short time and with practically no sacrifice are now in the Central Committee and in the executive of the PPP.

We created through propaganda the stalwart image for Bharrat Jagdeo but today his government has pushed the PPP aside and is working in an anti working class manner and against the legacy of Dr. Cheddi Jagan who must be turning over in his grave.

Please take the following that I have written into consideration as it is up to you to ensure that this country is placed back on the path envisaged by Cde Cheddi. I support Moses to be the presidential candidate. I am aware that Moses is by far the most popular choice and best candidate for the Presidential candidate. Ralph would have also been an acceptable choice for change to return the PPP to Dr Jagan’s vision.

However we have witnessed the vulgar manipulation by Jagdeo, Ramotar and others in the Executive and Central Committee that resulted in the selection of Ramotar as the Presidential Candidate. The greatest insult was when they came and asked the members to rubber stamp the undemocratic process.

The present cabal defends any criticism of their anti working class policies, by pointing at what happened under the PNC. This is not only ridiculous but absolutely unacceptable. Even as we grant the first term as having to deal with pre ’92 destruction of our economy and social structure and infrastructure; and recognize the “lean and clean” government of Dr. Cheddi Jagan, today [about] thirteen years later we are witnessing the growing impoverishment of our people, the growing corruption, the growing self-enrichment of a small section of the PPP leadership.

We can no longer blame the stringent measures imposed by the IMF deal since it has ended. But the Jagdeo government, and Donald Ramotar want to continue this way, and they seem bent on pursuing the same path that has had such an adverse effect on the working class, small farmers and the professionals, impoverishing them and this generates a huge gap between the haves and the haves not, in betrayal of the PPP’s stated ideology and Cheddi Jagan’s legacy. The drive for self-enrichment is apparently insatiable

The members of the Committee for the Re-election of President Hoyte (CREEP), who we were taught to revile, are now the best friends of the big ones in government and seem to be given all the opportunities to become richer. Prime lands are being given away to them and they are the President’s newly acquired friends. They shout “grow more food” but no new lands have been developed for the small farmers and the existing farmlands have been neglected and have caused all farming production to plummet.

The CREEPs are being hugged in public, while members of the PPP who were in the trenches and made tremendous sacrifices for decades are being shunted aside, and seem unable to even gain audience with the present ministers who with inflated egos and heads swollen with arrogance strut around the country like giants.

We have been force-fed with the idea that education can save us, but we have seen thousands graduate from high school with no jobs available. There is no proper employment or development plan as we produce thousands of graduates in fields where we have no jobs available. The President and the Civic Education Ministers did/do not see themselves to be blamed in that they should have seen to it that our education system was restructured to produce engineers and math and science teachers. Except for marginal progress in the area of infrastructure which is however riddled with corruption, there has been no real qualitative change to cater for the needs of Guyana and provide a diversified work force to ensure Guyana’s development.

Look at the fantastic tax allowances and duty-free concessions given to the President’s cronies but in reality no parents are given relief. The children of the poor, especially, suffer as there is no allowance for them. How could the parents put them through school properly? We need to reintroduce a progressive tax regime, or some form of subsidy for each child going to school – in fact for each child, in cases where the income of the parent is below a certain level. In any event, I need to emphasise that the burden of taxes on the employed is oppressive.

Small businesses are catching hell. The private sector has serious economic, cultural restraints reducing its effectiveness to create jobs and ensure development. Unfortunately Dr. Jagan’s ideas of a tri-sectoral economy have been cast aside, in addition to other aspects of his legacy lost within the shout “Jagan lives!” The cooperatives set up in the days of Jagan strived, however this sector which can assist in the alleviation of poverty has been deemphasized.

Jagan’s legacy and commitment to the interest of the working class and farmers continue to be thrown to the dogs by the government. We have to make some hard but necessary choices with regard to the PPP if we want to ensure a future for the children of Guyana. It seems that it has only retained the name but has lost the real working class commitment of Dr Cheddi.

Moses was hit. Moses got second at a previous congress and was left out of the executive. He definitely got a resounding yes from the vast majority of delegates at the last congress and again he was left out. O’Lall was dealt with and he died. Recently Navin Chandarpal was dealt with. Indra Chandarpal, who as a young PPP girl was arrested with her sister and taken to the lock up in their sleeping clothes, was literally chased out of the Cabinet.

Various senior members of the PPP have accepted that I was given a raw deal because I am usually critical of the way things are done at internal forums. Because I was critical the President dealt with me just like Burnham did and terminated my employment.

It is now left to see if Ralph would sail away into the deep blue sea, or rise like a true revolutionary to fight another day. One thing is for sure I cannot see him supporting this cabal not after his published criticisms of the corruption among other things.  In addition there are many in the PPP that are well respected. We are waiting to see if they will stay on the band wagon in their self interest or stand up to regain the rights of the ordinary man.

The people of Guyana, the vast majority of poor of all races have to commence appreciating that they occupy a common economic marginalization. They must look at each other and recognize that they are a force to be reckoned with. They must commence to support themselves in unity and address their marginalization with a united front that should exclude the present PPP and PNC cabal.

Progressive PPP and PNC leaders and members have to review their position of support for these undemocratic forces and unite to save our beloved Guyana.

I cannot close without mentioning another son of Jagan and Guyana. Moses! Time will tell if he would come forth and lead the working people of Guyana or remain in the wilderness. He made claims to the fact that Jagan mentioned him as a possible successor and so many see him as that. He will decide whether he will act to ensure Cheddi Jagan’s legacy lives or allow it to be interred with his bones as he and the people of this country witness the blatant betrayal of lean, mean and clean among other aspects of Jagan’s legacy.

Yours faithfully,
Rajendra Bissessar


Bharrat Jagdeo

  1. Scott
    January 6, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Bharrat Jagdeo is the modern day Burnham

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