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Ministry of Education buying counterfeit text books

Publishers still mulling lawsuits over copied books

Published on 2011-05-03 16:45:33 in News

Book publishers who have had their products copied on a massive scale are hoping that the perpetrators will desist, thereby saving them the effort of having to pursue litigation.

Locally, the photocopying and sale of text books in particular has been a bugbear for overseas publishers, mostly from London, and they have sought legal advice on the matter.

Attorney Andrew Pollard of Hughes, Fields and Stoby told demwaves.com on Tuesday that the publishers have so far not instigated lawsuits but they have been advised that they  would be within their rights should they do so.

“The publishers are still of the view that they’d expect the relevant agencies to do the right thing. We understand the government has purchased a substantial amount of these counterfeit text books,” Pollard said.

According to the attorney, the publishers have made their disappointment known and are hoping that the situation will be corrected. He added that while they have chosen not to go with litigation as yet, such a move will come without warning.

Efforts to contact education minister Shaik Baksh were unsuccessful.

Local bookstores have almost completely vanished with only one doing any particular business in the city, namely Austin’s Book Services.

In a brief comment to demwaves.com proprietor Lloyd Austin noted that the situation remained the same even as publishers sought to secure powers of attorney to advocate on their behalf. He said he believed the matter will hit the media should it ever come to a head.

Austin has in the past lamented the practice of copying and retailing the text books saying it has forced him to cut back significantly on the amount of books he imports.

Copied text books are currently available in schools across the country.


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